Sunglasses Trends for 2019: What to Wear This Summer

Sunglasses Trends for 2019: What to Wear This Summer

From double-bridged beauties to oversized opulence, we delve into the eyewear trends for 2019 that everyone’s reaching for this summer. 

Disclaimer: we can’t say we’re the biggest fans of 'trends' ourselves, good eyewear should be for life; so rest assured, all the styles we’ve highlighted below will see you through from season to season, regardless of what they’re wearing over on that there catwalk.

Chunky Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses trends for 2019 chunky frames

First off the bat in the who’s who of 2019 eyewear styles are ‘chunky frames’. Believe it or not, there was a time in our not too distant memory when everyone and his dog wanted their glasses to be, ahem, subtle. I know, hard to swallow, isn’t it. Ok, we know big bold frames aren’t up everyone’s street but if you’ve ever been slightly tempted to reach for something a little more on the ‘in your face’ side of things then now is the time to experiment. Big frames are back in a big way and, if you’re feeling the urge to go supersize you can’t go far wrong with these:

Mr Leight Go S

Mr Leight - Go S

The Go S from new kids on the block, Mr Leight is a chunky armed delight inspired by the eyewear worn by filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.


Garrett Leight - Calabar 

The Calabar sunglasses from Garrett Leight’s latest SS19 collection are a chunky oversized take on the classic retro Wayfarer. None other than Brad Pitt was seen rocking a pair of Garrett Leight Calabar Sunglasses at the movie premiere of the latest Tarantino offering Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood recently. Brad knows a trend when he sees one. 


Jacques Marie Mage Windsor chunky frames

Windsor - Jacques Marie Mage

We can’t talk about the chunky frame trend without including the masters of the look, Jacques Marie Mage and these voluminous Windsor sunglasses from their new collection couldn’t be any more perfect for nailing the look.


Double Bridge Sunglasses

sunglasses trends 2019 double bridge

When one bridge just isn’t enough, we present the ‘double bridge trend. No longer just reserved for our friend the aviator, the double bridge, which consists of an additional top bar to compliment the nose bar, has found its way on to other frame shapes for 2019. The additional bar adds extra interest to more delicate and simple frame shapes and works for both optical and sunglass styles.


Dita System Two

Dita System Two

The System Two by Dita is a perfect example of how a double bridge can work with and add interest to a more minimalist frame style


Thom Browne TB108-A Sun

Thom Browne - TB-108

Similarly, the TB-108-A SUN from Thom Browne displays how an additional top bar can take a classic round and turn it into something much more dramatic.


Mr Leight Laurel SL

Mr Leight Laurel SL

Mr Leight shows us how to nail two trends at once by combining the double bridge and chunky frames in the Laurel S sunglass.


Tinted Lens Glasses

tinted lens glasses

Robert Downey Jr is a huge fan, Johnny Depp swears by them, and even Jeff Goldblum rocks a pair from time to time, so why has it taken the rest of us so long to jump on the tinted glasses bandwagon? The light tint on these peeper-revealing styles means they work transitionally from outside to inside, so there’s no need to drop the look once you’re back inside. Bonus points for this trend as tinted frames also have additional benefits for your eyes, with yellow tints helping reduce the impact of headache-inducing blue light and rose hues diminishing glare and brightening shadows. Fancy adding custom tints to your opticals? Just get in touch. 

Jaques Marie Mage Niki

Jacques Marie Mage - Niki

A 60’s inspired, angular cat-eye frame from Jacques Marie Mage, the Niki in Altan is a blue-tinted thing of beauty. Inspired by the sculptures of French-American artist, filmmaker, and feminist, Niki de Saint Phalle, Niki provides a brave and bold companion for those ready to fully embrace the tinted lens trend.  


Jacques Marie Mage Hitchcock in Pearl

Jacques Marie Mage - Fitzgerald

The Jacques Marie Mage Fitzgerald in Pearl. Clear frames with a lilac lens is a combination to reckoned with.


Garrett Leight Steiner sun

Garrett Leight - Steiner Sun

The Steiner by friend of Seen, Garrett Leight is a rectangular 90’s nod to the tinted lens trend. The amber toned lenses not only look great but also help brighten your surroundings and help with low light. Ideal for the not-so-great British summer!


Oversized Square Sunglasses

oversized square sunglasses

Is a trip to the French Riviera on the cards this year? Or maybe a saunter down Hollywood Boulevard rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous? If so then the Oversized Square trend is for you. To be honest, even if you’ve just got a long weekend in Whitby booked in then there’s no reason not to bring the glamour. This trend is a serious throwback to the opulent styles seen in the 70s and 80s, but hold off on the rounder styles for now, with this trend, it’s hip to be square.


Garrett Leight Crescent Sun

Garrett Leight - Crescent

Oversized? Check. Square? Check! The Garrett Leight Cresent is absolutely made for this trend. Throw on a big hat and grab an Aperol and you’ve nailed it.


Jacques Marie Mage Zelda

Jacques Marie Mage - Zelda

Inspired by 20th-century socialite and novelist, Zelda Fitzgerald the Zelda in colourway Dusty by Jacques Marie Mage may just be the ultimate player in the Oversized Square sunglasses game.


Garrett Leight Tuscany sunglasses

Garrett Leight - Tuscany

The Tuscany also by Garrett Leight features a more slight wireframe and softer square edges, perfect for a Tuscan evening soaking up the sun.



 futuristic sunglasses

From a nod to the past to a gaze into the future. The Futuristic eyewear trend featured pretty heavily on the catwalks earlier this year and looks to be around for the foreseeable. Shield styles and sporty sunglasses are what to look out for here, aerodynamic and lightweight. Think cycling, but make it fashion.


Jacques Marie Mage - Newton

The Newton by Jacques Marie Mage has this trend in the bag; offering futuristic vibes with its powerful metal bar and distinctive floating eye rim.


Jacques Marie Mage Connie

Jacques Marie Mage - Connie

The Connie Division by Jacques Marie Mage is the ultimate in futuristic fashion. Big, bold and ready for the year 3000.


JMM 1962

Jacques Marie Mage - 1962

Despite taking influence from the shades worn by 1960s actor-artist, Dennis Hopper the teardrop shape of the Jacques Marie Mage Hopper 1962 sunglass mixed with the heavy metal work catapults this frame right into the future. 


Geometric Sunglasses


Hexagons, octagons, decagons… it doesn’t matter as long as it’s Geometric. With a slightly nostalgic nod to the nineties, the geometric sunglasses trend champions bright and bold colours paired with strong lines and unusual frame shapes for those wanting to try something beyond the norm.

Mr Leight Shi S

 Mr Leight - Shi

The Shi S by Mr Leight is a hexagonal shaped masterclass in the geometric eyewear trend. Inspired by the glasses worn by Tokyo cool kids in the 1960s, the Shi boasts bold colourways and strong lines.


Garrett Leight Jacqueline

Garrett Leight - Jacqueline 

A contemporary octagonal take on Kurt Cobain’s iconic 90s frames, the Garrett Leight Jacqueline spoils us by hitting both the geometric AND chunky frame trend in one fell swoop.


Mr Leight Roku

Mr Leight - Roku

Also from Mr Leight is the geometric framed Roku sunglass. Ideal for those who want to nod to the trend in a slightly more discreet way.


Et voila! There you have it. Our eyewear trends for 2019. If you need any more help working out which frame will suit your face, check out our guide: Identifying Your Face Shape.

Or, if you'd like to chat with us or try on any of these styles in person, book a style consultation or just pop in-store.