Glasses Size Guide

So you’ve decided to up your eyewear game with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses. It may have taken a long time to get to this moment. You’ve done your research, you’ve looked at glasses inspo and narrowed it down to a certain style. You’ve perused the blogs, scoured the Gram, you may even have a Pinterest board, but now you’re finally ready, now is the time to take the plunge and fork out for some fresh new frames.

But wait, what’s this? You have to choose a size as well? If only there were a simple size guide to help you decide...

Here at Seen, we know how important it is to get the perfect pair, and choosing the right size is a big part of that. So we’ve put together this simple guide to make the final stage of your eyewear buying journey a piece of cake.



Truth is, not as much as you think. Unlike shoe or waist size, you won’t always fit the same size in eyewear. That has a lot to do with how the frame is built.

Take a good look at a pair of glasses, is the frame built with big temple lugs that stick out at the side? If so, it’ll fit wide. Or, is the acetate fine? If so, that’ll cause the frame to fit narrower.

If you’ve got some glasses to hand have a nosey on the inside of the temple (arm). You’ll probably see something that looks a bit like this - 53[]20  - these simply refer to the width or length of various parts of the frame in millimetres. So the first number refers to the width of the lens measured from the bridge, the second number is the width of the nose bridge and, if there is a third number this will be the length of the temple.

It’s worth noting that an average ‘medium’ sized frame will have a lens width range of anywhere from 46-49mm. A frame that has a lens width of under 45mm will typically fit on the petite side and a lens width of over 50 will provide an oversized or larger frame fit. But ultimately it is how the style and feel of the eyewear work for you. Just because you have a petite head doesn’t mean you should avoid going for something oversized.


Sun Clips

When adding sun clips to your eyewear assembly it is important to make sure your clips will fit your opticals and vice versa. To do this you simply have to match up the sizes of each. So before you make your sun clip purchase, take a look at the inside of the temple (arm) of your glasses, there should be a series of numbers there. The all important size numbers should look a bit like this - 47[]22 - and as explained above, these simply refer to the width or length of various parts of the frame in millimetres. So now you know the size of your glasses, just make sure you purchase sun clips that are listed with the matching size numbers. It's that easy.


Still confused?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard part for you. If the frame comes in more than one size, we've classified the style with a sizing code alongside those numbers! If we think a frame will fit the larger heads of the world, we’ll label it Large. If it’s perfect for those who need a petite size, we’ll label it Small.

Enjoy our sizing guide. We’re sure it’ll help you get a great fitting frame.

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