Not content with making some of the most mind-bendingly majestic shades around, over the last few years Kuboraum have been branching out beyond the eyewear realm under the Innerraum name, applying their unique design aesthetic to bags, jewellery and whatever else they feel like. 

That fancy word recontextualization is the name of the game here—recycling parts and pieces designed for one function, and reappropriating them for something wildly different. Their clutch bags made from motorcycle body armour are a prime example of what we’re talking about. 

Innerraum have just released their new range of eyewear. Whilst this might sound a little confusing considering that Kuboraum already make glasses anyway, there’s definitely enough variation here to make the Innerraum collection worth making.

Think of it like when your favourite band launches a side-project—same musicians, different instruments. Whilst Kuboraum are renowned for their chunky, technicolor acetate frames, Innerraum’s spectacles are an altogether more minimalist affair, combining sleek wireframes with some curveball details. 

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