Identify Your Face Shape

People say that if you have a round face you should wear square frames, or if you have a long face, wear round frames. We hear this all the time. But it’s not the whole truth. A frame needs to fit your face AND your character. These are guides not rules - when you know, you know. But if you don’t know, here is our unique Seen guide to help you identify your style.

Find your face shape

 square head


You have that amazing square jaw line. Careful with shapes that are too deep.
heart face


The loving shape, generally with a pointy chin. Great with wayfarers and deeper lens shapes.

round face


Angles, squares and some round frames are your friend. Be more careful choosing styles so you don’t accentuate roundness.


oval face


God's gift to spectacle wearing. Almost every frame works. Have fun!

wild child face

Wild child

You’re the wild child that will wear what you want to wear. And we salute you! Go ahead and choose whatever takes your fancy.