Metal Frame Glasses

A common misconception about metal frame glasses is that they'll be heavier than their acetate counterparts, and so perhaps less comfortable and not as durable. In fact, the opposite is true - good quality metal frames can both feel great and last an extremely long time.

The modern materials and techniques used in crafting a pair mean that they're thinner and more lightweight than ever. Plus there are a wide variety of frame shapes available – from the aviator lines of the Garrett Leight Club House to the round, John-Lennon inspired Garrett Leight Wilson M, there's an option to suit every face shape.

Plus after a period of tortoiseshell dominance, thin metal frames are right back in fashion, with many an A-listers swapping geek-chic for a more refined style in 2018. So now just might be the perfect time to get your hands on a pair of metal frame glasses.