DITA: Frame Styles of the Rich and Famous

DITA: Frame Styles of the Rich and Famous

All the way back in 1995, longtime pals, John Juniper & Jeff Solorio decided that the low-quality eyewear offerings from the big name brands of the day were simply not fit for a world that was now producing things like the PlayStation, the World Wide Web, and portable MP3 players. So they put their heads together and came up with a solution: DITA. Since then, the independent brand has been showing the massive labels how you do it properly with tonnes of collections of eyewear gold. From bold reinterpretations of classic frames to fearless modernist masterpieces, their dedication to design, to luxury, and to absolute quality has meant they’re still doing their thang almost a quarter of a century later.

With such a consistently outstanding range of frames, it’s not surprising that the trendsetters and tastemakers of the fashion world have long since sniffed out DITA and catapulted the brand onto loads of celebrity faces. From pop stars to models to A-list actors, DITA Eyewear is probably now as much a fixture of catwalks and red carpets as, well, catwalks and red carpets.

We love DITA sunglasses and optical frames here at Seen and are proud to be a Dita Eyewear UK stockist. We also love the fact that so many big-time superstars appreciate them too, so we thought we’d honour DITA Eyewear and their colossal celebrity following with a quick look at some of the frames styles that are getting their famous fans excited. Here it goes...

Sam Smith: DITA Statesman

If you’re a long time listener of Sam Smith like us, you probably thought it’d be nigh-on impossible to put a smile on melancholy young crooner’s face. Amazingly though, these Statesman frames from DITA seem to have finally done the trick.

Built with an acetate brow and titanium frame, The DITA Statesman series pays homage to Hollywood’s golden age of creativity with a selection of Clubmaster style glasses. As well as the chunkier Statesman Five that Sam picked, the series also includes the slighter Statesman Three with all pairs, of course, being hand made in Japan and subject to DITA’s meticulously high standards.

Zedlsy: DITA Sekton


If there’s one bloke that likes to live life in the fast lane that little bit more than the next guy on the street, it’s supercar Instagrammer, Zedsly. Normally sharing snaps of himself in front of, near to, or behind the wheel of some mind-bogglingly expensive motor to his half a million followers, it figures that any old bargain-bucket sunglasses aren’t going to cut Zedsly’s mustard. No way, this guy likes the finer things.

Paired here nicely with a sleek ‘n’ silver soft-top that can presumably go nought to sixty quicker than you can say ‘Wow, that’s really fast’, the DITA Sekton not only look like the kind of sunglasses you might be wearing in that kind of car, but are built like them too. An oversized and weighty rectangular frame crafted out of 8mm thick jet black acetate, they reveal a little of what’s going on under the hood with DITA Eyewear’s signature wire-core exposing cutaway showing off a little of that ultra-tough titanium core. And yes, they’d still look just as good in your Vauxhall Astra, we promise.

Usher: DITA Journey


In his timeless, 2004 masterpiece, ‘Yeah’, Usher famously sang the words: ‘Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah’. Looking at him in these DITA Journey frames today, all these years later, we can’t help but feel that those six simple words are still powerful enough to encapsulate a mood, to embody a feeling of this pic.

There’s just something about Usher wearing a pair of mirrored sunglasses that really, really makes you want to say, ‘yeah’ over and over again.

If you're looking for a similar pair, with an all-titanium frame and distinctive cable temples for a better fit then look no further than the Rei S collection. Hand-made in Japan and designed in California by Mr Leight

Antoni Porowski: DITA Axial


It’s no big surprise that, when they’re not helping heal the love lives of their straight brethren, the lads on Queer Eye are outrightly killing it with their own wardrobes. If this Insta snap is anything to go by, wine and dining expert, Antoni Porowski is no exception, and shares the same superhuman capabilities for training his queer eye on the kind of accessories that turn heads. Get a load of those sunnies!

A flash yet refined Aviator style sunglass frame, the DITA Axial actually takes part of its inspiration from enlightenment-era scientific instruments, which is probably what’s given it the look of something well thought out and a fine-tuned blend of form and function. We reckon the titanium build on these works wonders with the colourway, too, as well as with some of the more subtle details like the ultra-thin temples and DITA Eyewear's signature step down lens feature.

Daniel Ricciardo: DITA System Two



Ever since they started making supremely tasteful eyewear in ‘95, DITA have been taking lots of pointers from the fast-paced worlds of automotive and aviation design. Since then, it’s kind of gone full circle, and as well as being a main sponsor for the likes of The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team, the athletes behind the wheels have taken a shine to DITA’s frames as well. This includes none other than this very happy chap, Australian Formula 1 mega-force, Daniel Ricciardo, who’s spotted here in a pair of DITA System Two frames.

Taking double bridge cues from the Aviator, the Dita System Two improves the classic frame with smoother, more modern lines, inner titanium lens cups, and a slick, heavyweight titanium frame amounting to a pair of sunglasses that don't half go well with a winning smile.

Although not currently available, the look can be easily recreated by combining these luscious Mr Leight Mulholland frames with their sunclip counterpart.

You'll look the part and they will certainly work a treat for avoiding sun-induced squinting while holding aloft weighty trophies on the podium and they’d more than likely double up as eye protection from painful Champagne spraying splash back as well. Let us know.

If you like what you see from DITA Eyewear and want to delve a little bit further into the brand, take a look below or have a good old click on this link here to see our full range. If you’re a bit more touchy-feely, why not come into Seen HQ and try on a pair or two with one of our in-store eyewear experts. Here’s how to find us.