Jacques Marie Mage's Nico inspired Squeeze Sunglasses

Jacques Marie Mage's Nico inspired Squeeze Sunglasses

Christa Päffgen, AKA Nico, remains one of pop music’s greatest enigmas. Born in Cologne in Germany in 1938, her modelling career took her over the Atlantic in the 60s and, thanks to some help from Andy Warhol, she wound up sharing lead vocals with Lou Reed in one of the most influential bands of the 20th century, The Velvet Underground. After releasing a seminal album of her own, she then somehow ended up in our home town Manchester, had a ‘domestic relationship’ with the bard of Salford, John Cooper Clark, and sadly died in 1988 after a cycling accident in Ibiza. 

Jacques Marie Mage have decided to pay homage to Nico and The Velvet Underground with a new sunglass frame. Directly inspired by the oversized shades Nico wore at the height of her fame, the Jacques Marie Mage Squeeze frames are 60s-referencing sunglasses that capture some of the creative fire and dark magic that made her and the band so enchanting. 

Available in a choice of four colourways - Emerald, Granite, Wax, and Noir - each frame is hand cut from a 10mm block of Takiron acetate in Japan and features precious metal details, a bold volume nose detail, and The Velvet Underground’s iconic logo in gold foil on the temples.

That's not all though. Not only do the frames arrive in a silver case inspired by Andy Warhol's factory, they each come with a highly-limited edition re-issue of The Velvet Underground & Nico's eponymous debut LP on custom marbleized 12" vinyl.

Take a closer look at the frames below and shop the collection here.

Jacques Marie Mage Nico Squeeze Sunglasses poster

Jacques Marie Mage Squeeze Noir

Jacques Marie Mage's Nico inspired Squeeze sunglasses

Jacques Marie Mage The Velvet Underground lyrics

The Velvet Underground and Nico album marbelized 12" vinyl Jacques Marie Mage Squeeze

Jacques Marie Mage Squeeze

Jacques Marie Mage Squeeze Nico The Velvet Underground

Jacques Marie Mage's Squeeze sunglasses are available right here on our online store or in store at our Manchester Opticians - book your appointment here.