Some Stretch of West: Jacques Marie Mage Winter 2021 Lookbook

Some Stretch of West: Jacques Marie Mage Winter 2021 Lookbook

For their Winter 2020 Collection, Jacques Marie Mage have released a brand new new lookbook titled Some Stretch of West. Set in and around an antique-laden log cabin against a backdrop of Wyoming’s frosty, bison-strewn plains and jagged mountains, they’ve just about managed to pick a setting dramatic and history-seeped enough to capture that ineffable Jacques Marie Mage essence.

Sported by a cast of stetson and poncho clad models, the lookbook features more than a couple of recent JMM additions to the Seen shelves. Take a look at the photos below and find out more about the frames.

Jacques Marie Mage Brion

Inspired by the angles and innovative designs of Italian electronics company, Brionvega, the Jacques Marie Mage Brion is an aviator-style frame like no other. Check it out in gold like it is here or see the full selection.  

Jacques Marie Mage Winter 2020

Jacques Marie Mage Winter 2020 Wyoming

Jacques Marie Mage Edie

A big and bold frame for the cowgirls, the Jacques Marie Mage Edie features a wholly original geometric shape and inverted temples. See it in Sunflower, Noir, Granite, and Garnet (pictured).

Jacques Marie Mage Noland

Taking pointers from minimalist painter Kenneth Noland, the Jacques Marie Mage Noland frames are an oval shape with creative modern lines and touches. Take a look at them in Cameo, Midnight, and Rover

Jacques Marie Mage Walker

Named after experimental crooner Scott Walker, the Jacques Marie Mage Walker frames are slick, thick rectangle sunglasseses available in timeless colourways like the Glass and Argyle