Jacques Marie Mage’s Last Frontier II: The Return to the West

Jacques Marie Mage’s Last Frontier II: The Return to the West

This article refers to the second JMM Last Frontier collection. See the latest Last Frontier Collection here.

Every once in a while an eyewear collection comes along that stops you right there in your tracks. It might be something simple that the designers got bang-on or that you thought the choice of colours and materials were inspired, but when you see it, it grabs you, and you know you’ve just stumbled on to something special.

In 2020, one of those collections was the Last Frontier from Jacques Marie Mage. A brand that’s by no means best known for restraint when it comes to decadent detailing, they pulled out every single one of the stops with the Last Frontier collection. Inspired by the American West, each of the three frames paid homage to many of the facets of American identity and featured refined designs with precious metal, real turquoise, and native American-inspired designs. 

So as you can imagine, we were more than a little bit excited to hear whispers that the Last Frontier was returning in 2021. We knew though, if the original collection was anything to go by, the Last Frontier II was going to be extremely limited edition and the retailers chosen to stock it would be a highly select bunch. Were we going to be able to get our hands on this batch? Yes, we were... 

We are over the moon to announce the launch of the new Last Frontier collection from Jacques Marie Mage and that Seen is one of just fifty retailers in the world that are stocking this ultra-special, ulta-small-batch eyewear collection. Are you excited yet? Well, just you wait until we tell you a little bit more about it... 

Jacques Marie Mage Last Frontier bead work

The Jacques Marie Mage Last Frontier Collection

According to JMM, the Last Frontier is an expressive limited edition eyewear collection that achieves new heights of workmanship and artistry. The collection features five frame designs: two eyeglasses and three sunglasses. All the frames are handcrafted and ultra-small-batch, meaning there’s no more than 200 of each colourway ever made, many as few as 100, and one frame featuring authentic Native American beadwork on the temples that was made in an edition of just 35.

The lenses consist of scratch-resistant mineral glass with unparalleled clarity, colour, and protection. The frames are made from premium acetate and sterling silver, they feature Chimayo textile-inspired filigree, and jewellery-like details cast from sterling silver or gold and punctuated by real (that means non-dyed) turquoise. 

And it’s the turquoise in particular that makes this collection so special. Turquoise has captured the attention of the powerful and the artistic for over 10,000 years, attracting admirers from Ancient Egypt to Tibet and all the way to the place that inspired the Last Frontier collection: the American Southwest. 

For the turquoise featured in the collection, JMM headed to The Kingman Turquoise Mine in Arizona, the last remaining commercially producing turquoise mine in the United States. Kingman Turquoise is known for its rich colour - a bright sky blue - and its often interspersed with other colours found in nature like black, blue, and green from inclusions of pyrite or dark veins of limonite. Every piece of turquoise included on these frames is unique and tells its own story. 

Jacques Marie Mage Last Frontier Chamayo Case

Along with the filigreed inner core in each of the frames’ temples, the casing and packaging of each frame is steeped in Chimayo craft and traditions. The case is a handmade Chimayo wallet put together from veg-tan leather and authentic, hand-made Chimayo woven fabric and the included custom cleaning cloth features a Chimayo printed pattern on the outside and soft terry cloth on the inside for polishing.

For one special pair of the frames, Jacques Marie Mage have partnered with artisan Mr. Bailon, the founder of Anasazi Jeweler, to create custom beaded temples. He used natural leather as a base to hand sew coveted size 15 charlotte beads for the traditional design. Only 35 of these frames have been made and we have just one.

From the sale of each pair of frames, Jacques Marie Mage is donating $100 to Native American Jump Start, a non-profit organisation working to provide opportunities of growth and success for Native American individuals and families through education and employment while respecting diversity and traditional values. 

Now, shall we take a look at the frames? Let’s. 

Jacques Marie Mage Arkansas

The Arkansas is a rounded, rectangular sunglasses frame with intricate precious metal and brass decoration on the temples embedded with turquoise. The Arkansas is available in Noir, Rover, and Dark Havana. It's also available in the special, super-limited Russet colourway (pictured above) which features authentic beadwork and is one of just 35 ever made. Take a closer look at the collection here.

Jacques Marie Mage Dakota sunglasses Last Frontier collection

Jacquers Marie Mage Dakota

Another sunglass frame, the Dakota is an ever so slightly heavier-set, more angular frame and features real turquoise embedding the intricate precious metal and brass decoration on the temples. The Dakota is available in Noir, Marine 2, and Dark Havana. Find out more about it here.

Jacques Marie Mage Farson Last Frontier

Jacques Marie Mage Farson

An optical frame, the Farson features an intricately-engraved precious metal thunderbird with turquoise at its centre. The Farson is available in Dark Havana, Noir, and Walnut. See the collection here.

Jacques Marie Mage Laramie in Noir Last Frontier collection

Jacques Marie Mage Laramie

The only frame style that is a reissue from the Last Frontier collection last year, the Laramie is a sunglass frame that features an intricately-engraved precious metal thunderbird with real turquoise at its centre. The Laramie is available in Dark Havana and Noir and new colourway, Tempest. Find out more about it here.

Jacques Marie Mage Rawlins Last Frontier Dark Havana

Jacques Marie Mage Rawlins

The second optical frame, the Rawlins is slightly tapered at the top of the frame front and features a precious metal thunderbird emblem with real turquoise at its temples tips. The Rawlins is available in Dark Havana, Marine 2, and Noir. See the collection here.

We’re proud to be one of just 50 stores in the world that has this special collection on our shelves. We aren't permitted to sell the Last Frontier collection on our online store. You can find out more about each frame below, and if you want to purchase one of the pairs, contact