Garrett Leight SS21 Lookbook

Garrett Leight SS21 Lookbook

In the midst of what is panning out to be the longest winter on record, we’re pleased to let you know that there’s a little bit of sunshine heading your way. Garrett Leight has announced his SS21 collection. 

A heady mix of fresh frame shapes, new takes on classics, and firm favourites in brand new colourways, the collection is going to be available over three separate drops, two over the next couple of months and the first this coming week at 7:00pm, Tuesday 9th February.

To whet your whistle, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek of what’s in store. So here are some of the snaps from the Garrett Leight SS21 lookbook. Feast your eyes, kick back, and dream of Californian sun.

Garrett Leight Kinney X SS18 Lookbook

A new take on a classic, this is the Garrett Leight Kinney X

Garrett Leight Navarre SS21 Lookbook

New frame style Navarre

Garrett Leight Brooks SS21 Lookbook

The Garrett Leight Brooks returns in more colourways

Garrett Leight Glyndon SS21

The Glyndon is a fresh take on the cateye

Garrett Leight Robson W SS21

Fleshing out the original Robson silhouette with more acetate, this is the Robson W

Garrett Leight Winward SS21

The tapered acetate lines of the Winward return in two new colourways

Garrett Leight Morningside SS21

The Morningside is back in new colourways too

Garrett Leight Rennie SS21

There's also more new acetate goodness in the shape of the Rennie

Garrett Leight Willson Clip SS21

As well as a new sunglasses clip for the Winward, you can also grab the Wilson clip in two new colourways.

The first drop of the Garrett Leight SS21 collection is available right here on our online store from 7:00pm Tuesday 9th February. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it, make sure you're following us on Instagram and subscribed to our email newsletter.