Garrett Leight Spring/Summer '18 Collection

Garrett Leight Spring/Summer '18 Collection

As you probably figured round about the 43rd consecutive day of sunshine, it’s summer, and a good one at that. So to celebrate, we thought we’d best scoop up a whole load of new stuff from Venice Beach’s indie eyewear superstar, Garrett Leight. As well as making sure we’re stocked to the rafters with some of your all-time favourites from his collections, like the Kinney, and Brooks, we’ve also wrangled loads of new styles from his downright-ruddy-awesome Spring/Summer 18 collection.

It’s the usual sublime mix of throwbacks and nods forwards, and it’s more than we could have hoped for, so we thought we’d pick out some our favourites so you can fall in love with them too...

Garrett Leight Beaumont

Garrett Leight - Beaumont

Now you probably already know that we’re big into Aviators and statement-making round frame sunglasses, so you won’t be surprised to hear that Garrett Leight’s new Beaumont frames are well and truly up our street. These semi-rimless beauties are available with some pretty eye catching coloured lenses, but they still come slathered in all that low-key, Garrett Leight sophistication thanks to the delicate stainless steel detailing and a mighty-fine wire double-bridge.

Garrett Leight Culver

Garrett Leight - Culver

While there’s been no official word from the Leight camp as to what these oversized, rounded Aviators are inspired by, we have a hunch that it’s probably got something to do with one of the ten places listed on Wikipedia that share the same name. And, while we don’t doubt that Garrett would certainly enjoy an ice lolly and stroll along Culver Down on the Isle of Wight, we reckon we could safely narrow it down to one of the remaining nine American cities and backwaters that make up the rest of the list. A more timeless, rounded take on the Aviator, they’d certainly be a good match for riding pillion on a Harley between each one, wind in your hair. Not sound like your thing? Don't sweat. They'd be perfect pair for that camping trip you've got planned down to Cowes next month, too.

Garrett Leight Talbert

Garrett Leight - Talbert

A homage to the 50s Clubmaster sunglasses style, these Talbert frames have been injected with a healthy dose of Garrett Leight magic. Slimmed, squared-off, and whipped into optical frames, the Garrett Leight Talberts are packed with more punch and a generally bigger, butcher look. Finished in copper alloy and cured cellulose acetate, they’re probably about the only optical frames you could get away with wearing while getting out a Chevrolet in a varsity jacket. 

Garrett Leight Dey Rey

Garrett Leight - Del Rey

A wrap around style, yes, but this one’s pour les dames. Inspired by visionary french film director, Jean Luc Godard's visionary french film, Breathless, these Garrett Leight Del Rey frames certainly picked up a bit of the old je ne sais quoi somewhere along the design process. Vintage-leaning but not over the top, they’re made out of rather nice, cured cellulose, available in a sultry mix of four colourways, and are served with an all-important slice of star treatment - star-shaped copper temple pins. Oh là là!