Garrett Leight Kinney

The Kinney was inspired by a vintage frame that Garrett Leight had in his store from the 90s. He had a bunch of these frames but each one was slightly different in each colour, none of them were quite perfect. Garrett and his team took their favourite things about each colour and moulded them into what is now the classic Kinney. Over ten years later, and the Kinney is one of the brand's most popular frame, available as eyeglasses, sunglasses, and the 10 year anniversary Kinney X Sun, a chunky and contemporary sunglass.

The Garrett Leight Kinney is an enduring style with classic proportions and a keyhole bridge. This best selling style comes in a diverse array of acetates.

The Kinney collection also includes Garrett Leight Kinney sunglasses and sun clips, available in 2 sizes and multiple colourways.

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