Connie Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage: New Collection 2018

Like a sort of mysterious eyewear wizard, Jacques Marie Mage has been quietly churning out some of the most magical, small-batch independent eyewear from his hideout somewhere in the Hollywood hills since 2001. Sprinkled with inspirations that range from rock and roll hall of famers to lesser-known sculpturesses and architects, his frames always meld vintage-tinged, timeless designs with a hard-to-find handcrafted finish - a combination that’s meant Marie Mage frames have been cropping up in the eyewear wardrobes of Beyonce and Jeff Goldblum-level style icons. Yes, really.

Whether it’s because the planets have somehow aligned, the moon is waning, or simply because it’s that time in-between summer and autumn that normally means a new fashion season is about to get started, The Mysterious Mr Mage has just launched a whole load of exciting new frame designs as well as new colourways for some of his classics. And not only is this latest batch seriously on-point in the looks department, we’re more than chuffed to have managed to wangle a whole load of the highly limited collection for our Seen shelves.

From a mind-blowing mono-lens to perfected, round wire frames, here’s your first look at the lip-smackingly good new Jacques Marie Mage stuff...

Kilpatrick - Jacques Marie Mage

Kilpatrick - Jacques Marie Mage

Just like their American outlaw namesake, these Kilpatrick frames mean trouble. About as heavy duty as a fully loaded Colt .45, they’re a bold, double bridged frame that features a titanium body, titanium bayonette temples, and some tasty hairline detailing. Disclaimer: Seen can not be held responsible for any trains robbed under the influence of these sunglasses...

Connie - Jacques Marie Mage

Connie Jacques Marie Mage (model in car)

Big, beautiful, and wholeheartedly different, the Connie Mono-lens frame from Jacques Marie Mage is quite a thing to behold. Inspired by American fashion designer, Halston, and his quest to make fashion more diverse, this statement strutting eyewear radical is named after Connie Cook, a member of the designer’s famed model troupe, the Halstonettes. With only 200 pieces ever made, you’re going to have to be quick off the mark to scoop yours!

Yves - Jacques Marie Mage 

Yves Jacques Marie Mage

Talking of iconoclastic fashion designers, get a load of these Yves frames inspired by none other than Yves Saint-Laurent. Taking cues from the heavily worn pair the designer sported at the height of his career in the 70s, these over-sized and squared optical frames are a good fit for the bigger side of statements. Available in smoking Amber, Empire, Jet, and Hickory colourways, they’ve certainly done ol’ Yves proud.

Loulou - Jacques Marie Mage

Loulou Jacques Marie Mage 

Surprisingly not an homage to the much-beloved UK Eurovision winner (that’s spelled Lulu, you numpty), these Loulou frames take their name from yet another of the 20th century fashion cohort. So much more than just a muse, Loulou de la Falaise not only worked with and inspired Yves Saint-Laurent but became director of accessories at the fashion house. With all the elegance and eccentricity of the lady herself, we reckon just slipping these weighty acetate sunglasses on is enough to live life that little bit fuller.

Apollinaire - Jacques Marie Mage

Apollinaire by Jacques Marie Mage

You might not normally take style cues from early 20th century French poets, but  now could be a good time to start. While not much of a dresser by today’s standards, Guillaume Apollinaire was a dab hand at giving a new take on old perspectives, and is widely thought of as one of the most important literary forces in the 20th century. That’s probably what Jacques was thinking when he named these sleek, forward-looking specs in Apollinaire’s honour.    

Dorothy - Jacques Marie Mage  

Dorothy by Jacques Marie Mage

Just like activist and star of revolutionary 1961 French film, Breathless, these cateye-leaning Dorothy frames are both feminine and feisty in equally heavy measures. Celebrating the cross-section of Hollywood glam and New-Wave fire, and backed up with a fitting mix of colourways, they look good whether you’re reinventing the wheel or glamorously sat waiting in the car. 

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