Men's Sunglasses 2021

Hunting for some quality men’s sunglasses for 2021? Well, you’re in the right place. We take pride in the fact we only stock premium independent eyewear brands, with many of the pieces having been released in highly limited production runs. If you find a pair of sunglasses here at Seen, you can rest assured they’re going to be something special. 

Jacques Marie Mage

In 2021, firm Seen favourite Jacques Marie Mage has returned with a raft of new releases and special collaborative capsule collections. The Last Frontier, Jacques Marie Mage Cortina, and the Jacques Marie Mage Rodeo are all collaborations with renowned artisans, designers and stylists, each of which is an extremely small-batch release. 

Popular frames like Jacques Marie Mage’s Fellini Sun, Dealan Sun, and Zephirin Sun have returned in new colourways. Omaha Sun and Bastogne Sun are new Aviator Sunglasses styles and the Amboise Sun are slighter octagonal sunglasses. 

Find out more about Jacques Marie Mage’s Last Frontier collection.

Garrett Leight

Long time friend of Seen, Garrett Leight is back too. Continuing the celebrations of the brand’s 10th anniversary, the Garrett Leight Kinney X is a chunky new take on the classic Kinney frame. Favourite sunglass frame styles Morningside Sun and Brooks Sun both return in new colours and there’s a new sunglasses style called the Navarre

Owners of the Garrett Leight Winward and Wilson eyeglasses will be pleased to hear there’s new sunglasses clips for both those styles, the Winward Clip and Wilson Clip

See the Garrett Leight 2021 collection look book