Seen Picks: Our Favourite Frames

Seen Picks: Our Favourite Frames

Like many of us, the Seen team have been cooped up at home for the last couple of weeks and if we’re being completely honest, they’re starting to lose it a little. The Seen team aren’t big fans of being cooped up. They like chatting about their favourite eyewear with Seen’s cohort of lovely clientele and since Seen HQ has (temporarily) closed its doors, they’ve not been doing anywhere near enough of it.

In an effort to give them an outlet for all that pent up eyewear enthusiasm, and to maybe even provide you with a bit of inspiration for your next frame purchase, we thought we’d ask them one of life's harder questions: Which of their frames is their favourite? 

From the glasses they got engaged in to the 'magic happy glasses' that are helping them through this tricky time, here are the frames they (finally) decided on and what they had to say about them:

Jacques Marie Mage Niki - Michaela's Favourite Glasses

Michaela on Niki by Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage’s Niki frames are inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle, a French-American artist, who did go a bit mad later in life, which is totally relatable right now, isn’t it? I’ve worn these everyday since lockdown. I love the colour, the shape, and they are very comfy which is key atm. Sometimes you just have that one pair of specs that will always be your true love, and Niki is deffo mine! 

Now, don’t get me wrong, they may not go with my hoodie, leggings & dressing gown combo (or maybe they do), but hey ho, at least I’m rocking the best specs in the Aldi queue.

Anne et Valentin - Seen's Lisa's favourite glasses

Lisa on UPLAY by Anne Et Valentin

It's no secret that I am a massive fan of Anne Et Valentin. In my collection of specs, three of my frames are from this beautiful collection, and I genuinely think there is a frame for everyone in their collection. The frames I have chosen are my go-to. Unless I've planned a specific outfit, you'll usually see me in these. 

From a sentimental perspective, they were my first pair of Seen specs, so I'll always associate them with my first foray into amazing independent eyewear. The company itself was founded by a couple, so to continue with sentimentality... They were also the pair of specs I wore when I got engaged in amazing arctic surroundings. My photo of these specs is from that day.

Theo - Seen Erika's favourite glasses

Erika on Impulsif by Theo x Matalie Crasset 

I’m a big fan of the Belgian collection called Theo eyewear and a proud owner of FIVE Theo frames in my glasses collection. My absolute favourite frame of all time is this black collaboration piece Theo produced with the help of Matali Crasset who is an architectural designer. 

I’m a girl who likes her eyewear to be packed with attitude. Making a statement and enhancing my personality with what I wear on my face is as equally important to me as their comfort. This frame ticked all my boxes. I adore everything about them: their shape, style, the way they used a combination of titanium and acetate materials on them and the boldness they carry. 

What I like about them the most is the way they make me feel when I wear them. I feel confident, strong and stylish. Theo loves you & Erika loves Theo.

Anne et Valentine Bex

Bex on Fantasia by Anne et Valentine

I’m an addict. My poison of choice: Anne et Valentin eyewear. I’m very much a one brand woman, every pair I own are A&V but I have a favourite: The Fantasia. A navy (not black, I will correct you) and gold metal/acetate combo.

They were my first love - my first Seen specs - and I think they’ll be my last (extra points for the musical reference!) The reason I love them so much, quite vainly, is the attention I’ve received wearing them. I’d worn specs for years, but they’d never drawn attention like this.

It felt good then, it still does now. And so began my addiction. I’ve added so many pairs, but these are my go-to. Any outfit, any occasion I’m usually wearing these.

Jacues Marie Mage Dealan Sarah Seen Team

Sarah on Dealan by Jacques Marie Mage

My favourite frames are the Jacques Marie Mage Dealan. I currently have them in Sky (pale blue) and Noir (black) and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new pair in Ultra Pink (think Barbie) unfortunately delayed by this crazy situation we find ourselves in. 

Jacques Marie Mage was founded 5yrs ago, and the Dealan hails from their original collection. It’s such a strong piece that each season brings new colours. Touted as a ‘cat-eye for guys’, yet equally at home on the girliest of faces, it’s my go-to for days when I want to look like I made an effort when most days I probably didn’t.  

In my entire spectacle-wearing life there’s only one frame I missed out on and feel this is « the one that got away » Dealan Rover- a stunning rich green, which I unfortunately never managed to get my paws on.

Jacues Marie Mage Taos - Seen's Tareq's favourite glasses

Tareq on Taos by Jacques Marie Mage 

I know we’re talking first world problems here, but it’s truly difficult to pick my favourite glasses. I have my favourite ‘Round the House’ pair, my favourite ‘Out Out’ pair, and my favourite sunglasses. But alas, I’m here to write about one pair so I’ll go with my current favourite lockdown style, the Jacques Marie Mage Taos in Seed. 

Firstly the colour on these frames is magical. It’s deep and scrumptious, like a good boiled sweet! Secondly, the shape is probably my favourite bold, retro-inspired frame. And best of all, I've had them glazed with a light tinted lens for all day wear. 

So why my fave lockdown style? Well, being at home more with the kids means I'm constantly in and out from the house to the garden. The light tint means I'm not constantly changing into shades and back again. But what I love most is that when the sun shines through the delicious translucent acetate, I get this lovely glow in the corner of my eye and they feel like magic happy glasses. They just make me smile. 

We're still here!

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