A Seen update on COVID-19

A Seen update on COVID-19

So, the time came early on Monday to close Seen down for the foreseeable.

It’s an alien feeling closing up not knowing when we’ll reopen, or when I’ll be subjected to the teams choice of music again... (wait, things aren't all bad!). 

Let me assure you, as one of our friends and lovely clients that Seen will re-open.

The music may not be any better but the Seen Team, as you know and love them, will be there to welcome you back. The team are what makes Seen what it is; without them, we’d be a store with great product but no soul. So it’s my pleasure and privilege to keep them employed, paid and ensure they will all be back when the doors are open later this year. 

Get in touch

During this time we will be running our web store and we will always be available on email - will be monitored every day and is the BEST way to keep in touch. We are no longer available on our store phone, however, if you need to speak to one of the team, please email with your contact number and some information and we’ll get to you when we can.

We are regularly available through Facebook and Instagram messaging and on Twitter - all with the handle @seenopticians - we may even be on tiktok if this really drags out!

For any eye emergencies, please email with URGENT in the subject and I will personally get back to you with my advice and if needed, I can triage on the phone. Of course, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital has an emergency department for the most urgent eye problems. 

We can help with all of the following 

  • Contact lens orders (shipped to your home address)
  • Online spectacle advising
  • Problem-solving
  • Boredom relieving conversation
  • We cannot help educate/entertain your children!

If you have in-store glasses on order

Good news! - as it stands, our lens labs are still fully functioning and we will be in touch individually regarding your glasses. 

Online orders

Our website is up to date with many of the latest styles and we are able to package and ship daily. We also have online gift cards which you can use online or in-store once we're open again. 

Follow our Instagram or Facebook page to keep updated with all the eyewear we’ll have awaiting you one day soon. 

All that's left for me to say is that I hope everyone reading this is healthy, as well as those closest and dearest to you. 

We’ll see you on the other side…

Keep it visual,