New Season Garrett Leight - Fall Holiday 19 Collection

New Season Garrett Leight - Fall Holiday 19 Collection

The FH19 collection from Garrett Leight is both a gentle tip o’ the cap and a hopeless expression of adoration to the real-life fairytale city of LA, California. Birthplace to Garrett Leight, both the man and the brand, the City of Angels is built upon a foundation of movie stars and broken dreams. Home to the skater kids of Venice Beach, the iconic stars of Hollywood Boulevard and of course the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Californian dreamin’ in a mega-metropolis with desert heat waves by day and a circuit board of electric life by night... this is an environment that oozes with eyewear design inspiration. This new Fall Holiday collection from Garrett Leight is most certainly Californian cool. Inside it’s all cacti and corduroy couches, lounging beside a coffee table topped with opened art books, whilst outside there are browned leaves floating in the pool and a low winter sun casting long palm tree shadows across the cabana.

There's lots to like in this new collection, there are new frames such as the rounded coin-edged Lovers, the beautifully squared-off cat eyes of the Star and the palm leaf plaqued acetate Ace, as well as new colourways of classic designs such as the firm favourite, Wilson.

So you better start clearing some space on your eyewear wish list - and start looking at flights to LA, before you miss the crest of the wave...