Glasses and Sunglasses to Fit Big Heads

Glasses and Sunglasses to Fit Big Heads

Whether you have a large head, big head, a bloody massive head or even a perfectly average head, finding the right fitting glasses is an art form. Since they take up residence right there in the middle of your face, it’s worth putting some consideration into this.

So if you’re suspicious that all the glasses in the world have been shrunken down like some sort of elaborate planet-wide prank - you’re in the right place.

The Colour

First of all, before we get onto frames and fitting, we want to briefly talk about the importance of colour. Glasses are a fantastic accessory for helping shape your face and the more noticeable the frames, the more effective their face-moulding impact can be. So when you’re picking out your next pair, the word of the day is - contrast.

If you've got a pale complexion aim for dark coloured or black frames. Likewise, if you have a darker skin tone maybe try a pale, lighter pair of specs. Those sharp contrasts will draw the eye like a moth to a Maglite, enhancing your new found shape-shifting superpowers. If you’re feeling especially bold, you can always go with a striking and colourful pair. Bright colours like red, orange, blue, yellow will stand out on any face and give the same desired effect. Plus it is scientifically proven* that the bolder your fashion choices, the more compliments you will receive from your peers. 

*no scientific research has been conducted on this topic


big glasses big sunglasses big head big face

Contrasting colours help glasses stand out from your skin tone

The Fit

So what about the fit? Now because your head is, presumably, above average in size, we’ve suggested some larger than average frames. But this does not mean that bigger is always better. We still want these glasses to fit your face, not force you to walk through doors sideways. 

There are three valuable things to think of when you’re asking your reflection “what do I think of these glasses?”. First of all, the positioning of your pupils. Imagine a 1cm thick line that splits the lens vertically down the middle, that’s your pupil sweet spot right there. Pupils resting either side of that line and those frames are not for you. Put them down. Right now. 

The second thing to consider is the temples, also known as the arms. The temples of your glasses are all about comfort and stability. As a general guide, you should be able to fit one finger in the gap between your head and the temples of your glasses. Too loose and your glasses will constantly slide down your nose, too tight and they will be pinching your skin and you’ll forever be uncomfortable.

The final thing to consider is the height of the lens. The top border of the frames shouldn't be higher than the line of your eyebrow. Any higher up and the forehead may consider the move as an ambush, leading to all sorts of peace talks and summits that you simply don’t have time for each and every morning. For the lower border of the frames, simply follow the number one rule of steam rooms and saunas the world over - never make contact with the cheeks. Glasses that rest on your cheeks rather than the bridge of your nose are likely to cause irritation.

The Style

When it comes to the actual style, a thick looking frame is definitely worth considering as it will also help your glasses stand out on your face. Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about eyewear design and one of our favourite brands, Jacques Marie Mage, regularly release limited edition bold and thick-framed styles and the Molino collection is no exception. 


molino jacques marie mage big head big glasses

The Molino frames, chunky and in no way clunky

If you’re looking for sunglasses for a big head and you want the most powerful pair of specs in the parlour, these DITA Sekton may be the sunglasses for you. Strong and thick, these sunglasses could stop a speeding train with just a look (though we wouldn’t suggest you try it).

If thick frames just aren’t your thing, then the Garrett Leight Bentley may be what you’re looking for. A slightly wider frame to fit a larger head with zero compromises on a subtle style.


Live contently with the Garrett Leight Bentley

If your big head isn’t yet blown away with those suggestions then we've also curated a Glasses and Sunglasses for Big Heads collection for your perusing delights.

Your Face Shape

You may be a proud member of the society of large heads (full membership pending an official measuring) but the next decision, the shape of your glasses, is not necessarily based on the size of your head but primarily on the shape of your face. Be it a large face or not, this advice holds true for all.

Those with a square or rectangular faces should seek out round-frames that will help soften your natural angles; much like how the angelic notes of Dido soften the harsh rap verses of Eminem into a perfectly balanced pop song. 

Those with a circular or oval face should consider doing the very opposite and avoid round-framed glasses. This is especially true when working with a large face as the problem with circles is that the wider they are, the taller they become. Instead, you should opt for square or rectangular designs that can add some angles to your look.

If, however, you have the exact same face as Sir Elton John you have no obligation to follow the rules at all and you can, as he has proven on many occasions, still look chart-toppingly fantastic.

For more tips about finding your particular face shape and which frames are best for you, go to our face shape guide.

Lastly, and most importantly, be proud of your big head shape. The key to looking good can often come down to simply being confident in yourself and there’s not a soul on this earth that has a head quite like yours, so go out there and own it.