Acetate Sunglasses & Glasses

First used for eyewear back in the 1940s, cellulose acetate was a game-changer for the industry. Thanks to this plant-based plastic, the acetate sunglasses and glasses of today are strong, flexible and lightweight, and come in an endless array of styles and colours.

Not only that, in contrast to plastic injection-moulded frames, acetate frames are hypoallergenic, meaning even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy their choice of eyewear. And because they're made from renewable materials, you can rest easy in the knowledge you've made the environmentally friendly choice.

So¬†take your pick ‚Äď will¬†it be a timeless black frame, a playful tortoiseshell, or perhaps a pair of those¬†very¬†current¬†transparent hues? Whichever style you go for, acetate sunglasses and glasses are an excellent option, perfect for the discerning wearer.¬†