Jacques Marie Mage Edie and Walker Sunglasses

Please welcome… Jacques Marie Mage’s Edie and Walker Sunglasses

For their spring 2021 collection, Jacques Marie Mage has very kindly taken us back in time to a year long before 2020 was a twinkle in anyone’s eye. The sepia-toned videos promoting the brand’s tasty new sunglass frames take the shape of the ‘Jacques Marie Mage Show’, a fictional 70s talk show with fictional guests who seem to insist on always steering the conversation back to their eyewear. 

Featuring Jacques Marie Mage models and even JMM founder, Jerome Mage taking a turn at acting, the real headline guest on the couch is the selection of eyewear on show, JMM’s Spring 2021 collection. Introduced by all-American actor Rober Gunner and photographer-cum-artist Dixie Davies, the Jacques Marie Mage Walker and Edie frames are the kind of sunglasses that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the smokey and stylish set of a late-night talk show.

As it happens, we’re now taking preorders for the Walker and Edie frames in all available colourways. Dig out your flares, watch the Jacques Marie Mage show, then take an even closer look at the frames right here on our online store.

The JMM Spring Collection 2021

For the trailer for this series, you can spot the real-life Jerome Mage playing himself. Talking about his design process, we’re presuming, he says, “I would approach it like a sculptor would approach a block of marble.” Très beau, Jerome.

The Jacques Marie Mage Walker

For his turn on the JMM couch, moustachioed and stetson-toting actor, Robert Gunner introduces us to the Walker sunglass frame. Inspired by irreverent 60s crooner, Scott Walker, these rectangle frames are bold like Walker’s experimental approach to songwriting, yet smooth and rich like his baritone. 

Pour yourself one of Gunner’s hangover-busting, quadruple bourbons on the rocks and have a click right here to find out more about the Jacques Marie Mage Walker sunglasses in all four colourways.

The Jacques Marie Mage Edie

Angular and oversized, the Edie frames are presented by chic artist, Dixie Davies who’s supposedly just returned from a trip photographing musicians, “capturing their essence by focusing on their choice of glasses.”

With a late-70s structural frame that features low set temples, the frames are available in four funky colourways including the unique sunflower crystal colourway, which Dixie likened to the morning sun. These are firmly retro-referencing sunglasses frames that have been designed to spice up our todays with a hefty sprinkling of psychedelia. Take a closer look at the Jacques Marie Mage Edie frames here.