Dita eyewear: A catagory of one

DITA Eyewear: A Category of One




Dita create frames that favour the brave and reward the wearer accordingly. They command attention and, for those bold enough to make Dita a part of their image, life will never quite look the same again...

OK, enough with the romanticised spiel, but honestly, we love Dita and have been fans of their creations for years. From the pieces influenced by old-school Hollywood glamour to the eye-catching designs tailormade for modern day thrill seekers; we’re captivated by each and every frame, and so are understandably chuffed to bits to finally be welcoming them to the hallowed halls of our Seen website. Praise be. In literary celebration of that, we’ve written some words on how this not-so-humble eyewear brand began life and just what makes them the absolute gold standard in eyewear innovation. Enjoy!

Dita ShowgoerDita Showgoer - a cool cat eye inspired by the cool screen sirens of French new wave cinema


Dita is the result of old school friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper’s shared passion for photography and design. They’ve worked together in one capacity or another since they were small kids and so they wanted to collaborate on something that allowed them to express their creativity. Despite admittedly not knowing a great lot about the industry, they really wanted to have a go at creating an eyewear line inspired by classic old-school Hollywood glamour. The initial plan was to release a small collection of sunglasses for women which took influence from the classic designs of the 60s, 70s and 80s whilst using modern craftsmanship and techniques. This shared passion and vision got its legs in 1995 when it manifested itself in Dita Eyewear.

Hear the name 'Dita' these days and you'll probably think of eyewear, but it wasn’t always like that. Dita actually got its name from another very famous Dita; pin-up model and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, no less. The story goes that Dita VT met founder John Juniper back in 1993 when Dita Eyewear was not but a twinkle in his eye and he asked her if he could name an eyewear brand after her. Et Voila, Dita was born. DVT went on to model the first prototype for the brand and has collaborated with them numerous times since.

Dita and Dita's latest eyewear collaboration. 


It takes the best part of a year of research, development, hard work and a whole host of highly skilled designers to create each and every pair of Dita glasses. And when you hold a pair in your hands, you can feel every second of it. Every Dita frame is designed in Los Angeles and, like many other great eyewear aficionados, their designs come to life in Japan where they are handcrafted using the highest quality materials such as acetate, 18K gold, titanium and white gold.

It is the meticulous attention to detail by the Japanese craftsmen who have been creating eyewear for generations that keep Dita manufacturing there. According to Jeff and John, simply put, they do the best work, and as long as the best craftsman are there, Dita will be there too. To get a bit techier on you, Dita use Japanese Zyl, a type of acetate derived from plants which is known for its superior sustainability and quality as well as its ability to polish up to an incredibly high standard, giving Dita frames that recognisable glossy look.

You may also have clocked that there's a noticeable lack of logos on Dita frames, this is a very conscious design decision by the brand. The idea is to let the eyewear do all the talking and to complement the wearer perfectly without the distraction of a name. And, to be honest, when you’re wearing a pair of Dita’s, there isn’t really another option other than letting the eyewear do the talking

the Dita Boris Bidjan SaberiThe Dita Boris Bidjan Saberi is inspired by the frames worn by alpine climbers and the industrial physicality of welding glasses


You’d be forgiven for thinking that, given their long-standing close relationship with Queen-of-retro, Dita Von Teese and their humble old-school glamour beginnings, Dita’s in-house mood board follows a strict theme of timeless shapes in classic colours, but you’d be very wrong. Dita is also a firm favourite with the slightly more modern frame fan. Those that like a little extravagance with their eyewear, a bit of opulence in their opticals. As well as boasting literal droves of celebrity fans, some who’re said to own countless pairs - we’re looking at you Kim K - the more extravagant and showy end of Dita’s eyewear spectrum are favoured quite heavily by those with a need for speed.

Dita is the official eyewear partner of the Aston Martin racing team, so just about as flash as you can get. As well as kitting out the Red Bull boys, they’ve also partnered up with world champion sailor, Peter Burling and world champion pilot, Kirby Chambliss; both of whom are working with the brand to develop Dita frames to meet the high-intensity demands of athletes and their respective sports. But, hey, don’t worry if you’re only planning to wear yours to your local beer garden, or even your local garden centre, at least you’ve got the option, you know, if that need-for-speed strikes on a Sunday morning.

Dita partners of red bull aston martin racing teamDita are official eyewear partner of the Aston Martin racing team

Other stand-out styles from our collection that are worthy of a special mention include the new Kohn frame. A bridgeless beauty that ‘captures the refinement of the 1930s with lightweight materials and high-end finishing techniques’. The cooler than a cucumber cat eye, Showgoer which is 'Inspired by the cool screen sirens of French new wave cinema', and finally the Dita Boris Bidjan Saberi, 'a limited edition frame inspired by the world of high-altitude alpine climbing and the industrial physicality of welding glasses.' 

While you're here, have a nosey at Dita's latest lookbook video which is seriously worth a watch. If you're not pining for a pair after watching this then you're reading the wrong blog post.  

Dita’s SS18  - Celebrating those individuals who together, stand apart.

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