Jacques Marie Mage's The Last Frontier Collection

Jacques Marie Mage's The Last Frontier Collection

You heard whispers of it, drifting on the prairie wind. You caught its name in the tail ends of hushed campfire conversations. You even thought you saw it once, glimmering on the horizon, but you always put that down to the side effects of that bad burrito you’d just eaten. Surely the rumours can’t be true? They are. Jacques Marie Mage’s Last Frontier collection is no mirage, it’s here. In the end, only forty stores in the entire world managed to get their mitts on it and we're one of them - the only stockist in the whole of the UK, no less.

Taking inspiration from the caverns and canyons, the open gravel-strewn roads, and the gleaming deserts of America’s west, as well as the culture and traditional crafts of the Chimayo peoples that have lived there for millennia, Jacques Marie Mage’s magnificent and ultra-limited new collection Last Frontier comprises three deftly designed frame styles each in three brooding colourways.

Jacques Marie Mage Santa Fe detail shop

Get a load of that engraving. Jacques Marie Mage's Santa Fe from The Last Frontier.

Made in super-small batches of as few as 50, the three styles that make up the collection - Laramie, Red Cloud, and Santa Fe - are built to the highest specifications possible using materials that are really quite special. Handmade by craftspeople in Japan, the frames are sculpted from cured cellulose acetate sheets and the lenses are cut from robust mineral glass pre-fitted with an anti-reflection coating as standard.

Not ones to ever skimp on the details, Jacques Marie Mage have really have gone all the way out west with the Last Frontier collection. If you look closely, you’ll spot the Chimayo textile-inspired filigree engraved on the temple’s wire core. You probably already saw the arrow engraving in silver & brass and the silver tension-secured custom temple hinge, but we reckon it’s the sterling silver thunderbird emblem featuring real turquoise at each frame’s temple tips that’ll really get the waggon train talking.

Jacques Marie Mage Red Cloud  Detail

Now that's how you do a hinge. The Red Cloud frame from Jacques Marie Mage's The Last Frontier collection.

As you’ll almost certainly agree, this is a collection of eyewear that’s as sublime as it is rare and we’re proud to have been picked to be one of the world’s only stockists. The combination of perfectly captured American spirit, unrivalled detailing, and Japanese artisanship is not something you see every day.

To find out more about the individual frames, shop the full collection below. If you want to be one of the few riding out into the sunset with one of the pairs, you’ll need to register your interest using the form that’s linked to via that button there as well as on each frame’s page. You’ll need to be quick on the draw with these though. Good luck, partner.