Garrett Leight GLCO AW23 Seen

Garrett Leight Autumn/Winter '23

Garrett Leight’s Autumn/Winter '23 collection draws inspiration from 'The Summer of Love,' not the most recent one, but the iconic 1967 event where 100,000 youths gathered in Haight-Ashbury, California, to celebrate music, art, psychedelics, free thought, and free love—a far cry from Parklife Festival (perhaps).

Referencing both California and its counter-culture roots while adding a subtle modern twist, GLCO's AW ‘23 range, in their words, embodies 'glowing skin from a well-manicured wellness routine' rather than the 'dirty hippy' stereotype, and we couldn't agree more. From the groovy, oversized, cartoonish 'Dolores' to the gleaming throwback of the 'Webster,' it shows the flower power ethos updated with contemporary flair. 

So, put aside 'Peace and Love' and choose a PIECE TO LOVE instead. Explore the new Garrett Leight collection below and shop them here!

Octavia GLCO Garrett Leight AW23 Seen
The 'Octavia' a reference to San Francisco's “most haunted corner”
Webster GLCO Garrett Leight AW23 Seen
The 'Webster' - more calm and classic than trippy and psychadelic.
Lily GLCO Garrett Leight AW23 SeenThe 'Lily' - Seductive, intellectual, bubbly and full of depth
GLCO Garrett Leight AW23 Seen LagunaPunctuated by 6 side pins (as seen at the top), the 'Laguna' sits in both the past and the future
Garrett Leight GLCO AW23 DoloresThe 'Dolores' encapsulates 'The Summer of Love' with it's soft but bold lines