Jeff Goldblum and Jacques Marie Mage eyewear

Jeff Goldblum's Glasses: An Eyewear Icon

Jeff Goldblum. Just saying his name is enough to fog up your glasses. Since buzzing onto our screens in The Fly back in 1986, he’s acted his way into some of the biggest films of the last few decades and melted more than his fair share of hearts along the way.

Off screen, he’s never been anything less than a gent. From charming interviewers to bringing next-level style to red carpets, his refreshing brand of charismatic eccentricity is exactly the kind of stuff the world needs a little bit more of.

But not only is Mr Goldblum funny, handsome, cultured, kind, amazing, wonderful, lovely, and… (ok, we’ll stop now), he also has one of the most superb eyewear collections probably anywhere on the planet. A man after our own hearts, he’s a particularly big fan of that mysterious L.A. eyewear aficionado, Jacques Marie Mage and Jeff’s collection features boatloads of limited edition frames from the independent designer.

To pay homage to Jeff’s style and his enviable eyewear wardrobe, we thought we’d delve deep into his Instagram, pick out some of our favourite looks, and rate each of them using the now standardised Goldblum Rating System. Jeff Goldblum, you’re officially an eyewear icon. We salute you!

Look: Jeff wears Jeff

Frames: Jacques Marie Mage x Jeff Goldblum - The Jeff


If we were forced into it and had to name one thing that Jeff Goldblum does best, we’d have to go with: being Jeff Goldblum. Besides being consistently the suavest man in the room and consistently commanding an inimitable brand of easy charm, Mr. Goldblum is always, unapologetically himself. 

When our lucky stars aligned and Jeff teamed up with Jacques Marie Mage for limited-edition eyewear collaboration, the Jeff, they had their work cut out capturing that essence, but they somehow managed it. A refined rectangular shape, impeccably tailored and balanced and available as Jeff sunglasses and Jeff glasses, the Jeff frames are Jeff to a T. Couple with a relaxed-yet-sharp-looking Jeff Goldblum like in the video above and you’ve got yourself a real winner of a look. For us, we’re giving it 10 Goldblums and we won’t accept anything less.



Look: Jurassic Jeff

Frames: Jacques Marie Mage - Dealan in Noir

Rating (out of a possible 10 Goldblums): 10 Goldblums

You could be forgiven for thinking no one could rock a pair of Bob Dylan-inspired frames better than Bob himself. But then, you probably didn’t dare dream that Mr Goldblum would ever take them on. Paired with a pretty incredible Jurassic Park-referencing black leather jacket, these Dealan frames from Jacques Marie Mage make this look about as sharp as a T-Rex’s incisor and as smoking hot as a Mount Sibo eruption. The Goldblum rating for this look? An easy ten.  



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Look: Jazzy Jeff

Frames:  Jacques Marie Mage - Yves in Jet

Rating (out of a possible 10 Goldblums): 10 Goldblums

Yes, of course Jeff plays piano in a band. They’re called the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra and they play their jazz in the same smokey LA bar week in, week out. So what does one wear when you’re Jeff Goldblum leading the The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra out on stage on yet another Wednesday night? A sparkly suit, of course. But how do you take that look that little bit further? How about a sparkly shirt underneath, loose the sparkly tie for a more relaxed look, slip on those jet-black velveteen loafers, and, ahh yes, some Jacques Marie Mage Yves in Jet to cap the outfit off. For this look Jeff, we’re giving you 10 out of a possible 10 Goldblums. Well done, you’ve earned them! 



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Look:  Joyful Jeff

Frames:  Jacques Marie Mage - Enzo

Rating (out of a possible 10 Goldblums): 10 Goldblums

Surely you can’t add more glitz and glam to a Hollywood star unveiling on Vine Street in actual Hollywood, can you? If you’re Jeff Goldblum, yes you can. That relaxed pose, that perfect hair, that jacket, that winning smile - they all add up to a look worthy of a man worthy of a Hollywood star. But the cherry on the icing on the cake? A pair of Jacques Marie Mage Enzo frames complete this look masterfully and give Jeff yet another easy ten Goldblums. You go Jeff Goldblum! 



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Look: Jungle Jeff

Frames: Jacques Marie Mage - 1962

Rating (out of a possible 10 Goldblums): 10 Goldblums

How do you keep cool in the mid-June heat on Hawaii’s Oahu island? A limited edition Prada shirt would probably help, yeah. But I mean really cool, like Jeff Goldblum cool. On-trend teardrop, Aviator-inspired 1962 frames from Jacques Marie Mage, that's how. Add some jungle foliage, thumbs in pockets, and a stare out somewhere into the mid distance, and you’ve got yourself a solid Goldblum look more than worthy of a 7.8 Goldblum rating... I’m joking, it’s another 10.]



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