Soak it Up: Seen Sunglass Lenses Are Here

Soak it Up: Seen Sunglass Lenses Are Here

We are now almost literally neck-deep in what must have been the most eagerly-awaited summer of all time, ever. This year, as it’s a bit of a special one, we’ve decided to celebrate Sunglasses Season™️ 2021 by doing something we’ve never done before: we’re launching our first-ever collection of Seen custom sunglass lenses.

As you can probably tell by our - and we’re not even going to try and feign modesty here - superior selection of independent glasses and sunglasses, we always look for quality and design brilliance in eyewear above everything else. Our lenses were going to have to live up to those standards, so we opted for two premium polarised and four premium non-polarised lenses all in colourways designed not just to look great, but to enhance the way you see the world.

The polarised lenses we’ve selected have slightly higher light transmission than other classic polarised lenses on the market. They have all the benefits of polarised lenses - e.g. things like clearer vision in bright light, increased contrast, minimal colour distortion, reduced glare and reflection etc - but, as well as being great for taking on your hols, they’re more effective than regular polarised lenses when used in changeable climates (like here in the UK). If you fancy it, you can find out more about polarised lenses in this handy blog post.

All the lenses are made from highly robust CR39, a material that’s much, much more scratch-resistant than glass and nowhere near as liable to shattering. It’s much lighter than glass too and way clearer compared to other non-glass eyewear materials. 

And we've not even got to the tints yet. We’re really quite proud of these. Taking in almost the full spectrum of colours and tinges, a mix of gradient and solid-colour, and a real scope of lightness, we’ve produced a collection of sunglass lenses that will be a good fit with your personality, where you plan on using the sunglasses, and the sunglass frames you’ve picked. Shall we take a closer look at the choices now? Let’s.

Blue sunglasses lenses

Blue Lagoon

Breaststroke your way around hidden coves, deep dive into bottomless pools. If you fancy it, go for a quick skinny dip in that hidden Blue Lagoon...

Our Blue Lagoon sunglass lenses are polarised jade blue lenses that create a Scandinavian cool light feel. As they’re polarised that means clearer vision in bright light, increased contrast, minimal colour distortion, reduced glare and reflection. Shop them here.



Light green sunglass lenses


Take a quick stroll through The Wolds in early Autumn, when the air is cool and crisp and the soft light always seems to make everything look just that little bit better...

A classic, solid green tint that’s not so dark, the Seen Honeycrisp Sunglass lenses have been designed to brighten up even the most uncertain British weather. Find out a little more about them. 



Brown to green sunglass lenses

Kiwi Dusk

By the time you find a break through the forest and scramble down onto the beach, dusk has already started to set in; the turquoise water glimmers and the white sand appears to glow. Did you just stumble on paradise?

These are our Kiwi Dusk sunglass lenses. A brown to green gradient lens, they're inspired by the warmth and colour of one of the world’s most glorious coastal national parks: New Zealand's Abel Tasman. Take a closer look just here. 



Sepia sunglass lenses

Long Island Iced

Heading off to Gatsby’s place over on Long Island later? If you are, bring something fancy to wear, your swimming stuff, and a couple of bottles of that strong stuff you brought last time. It’s going to go off, apparently.

Our Long Island Iced lenses are polarised sunglass lenses that produce a rich sepia-like effect. These lenses are polarised too with that magic, slightly higher light transmission so they’re as good at home as they are somewhere a bit sunnier. Shop them here.



Purple to pink gradient lenses

Sunset Blush

Sit out on the terrace in the warming north easterly breeze. Give Pablo the nod to make up just the one more Cosmo and watch as the sun sets and the bright light of day gives way to a wave of dreamy pink.

The Sunset Blush lenses are gradient sunglass lenses that fade from a warm, deep purple to a light, soft pink. You can find out more about them over here.



Orange sunglass lenses

Tangerine Dreams

As the sun rises in early spring over the sweeping orchards of California’s Ojai Valley, the lingering, delicately floral scent of tangerine blossom is almost as captivating as the first sight of the splashes of orange light creeping up the hillside. Almost.

Seen’s Tangerine Dreams sunglass lenses take you back there. Or, if you’ve not made it over that way just yet, give you a pretty good idea of just how idyllic it is. A bright, light tangerine-coloured lens, they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection like all the lenses and are made from that tough CR39 material. Take a closer look at them here. 

How to order our sunglasses lenses

Like what you see? We thought you would. If you’ve found the perfect pair of sunglasses or glasses that you think would be even more perfect fitted with some of our new lenses, ordering them is easy.

Purchase the lenses alongside your chosen frames and we’ll upgrade the lenses for you in-store ahead of shipping. If you’d like the lenses in a specific prescription, that’s easy too. Just select the 'prescription' option when you're ordering and we'll get in touch to confirm the details, produce the lenses to match, and fit them in your chosen frames before we send them on to you. Take a look at the full collection.