Soak up the Mr Leight SS20 Collection

Soak up the Mr Leight SS20 Collection

Those of us suffering through the bleak February cold will be pleased to know that the luxury eyewear perfectionists at Mr Leight have come to save us from our wintery blues with the launch of their new SS20 Collection. 

If you’ve been following the father-son collaboration - which was launched by Garret Leight and his Dad, Oliver Peoples’ founder Larry - you’ll know what to expect. Shot under jealousy-inducing Californian sunshine, in and around the kind of Hollywood apartment that would make your wildest dreams look quaint, the collection's lookbook features some of the finest luxury eyewear the Seven Hills has probably ever looked upon. 

You'll find the same selection of high-quality materials, like fine acetate and titanium, which have all been carefully put together by the same Japanese craftspeople Larry worked with at Oliver Peoples. As well as some now-classic frames like the Getty C returning in new colourways, there's new designs like the Ridley S and Kathryn C, each steeped in Hollywood history and ready-soaked in Californian sun. It’s nearly enough to make you forget you need to stock up on De-Icer, isn't it?

Pour yourself a Mojito, peruse the new collection below, and forget all about the weather forecast.

Mr Leight Getty C

These ultra-sleek square frame glasses, the Getty C have returned in three lavish new colourways. Oh. Yeah.

Mr Leight Kathryn C

 Can cat eye glasses get more glamourous than this? The Kathryn C are eyeglasses for the discerning feline that's somewhere inside all of us

Mr Leight Ridley S

A combination P3 style frame, the Mr Leight Ridley S sunglasses are a throwback to the good ol' days of Hollywood

 Beautifully unique, the Mr Leight Spike C frames are our kind of round glasses

Mr Leight Stanley C

A slightly rounded masterpiece, Mr Leight's Stanley C frames have delicate filigree detailing on the bridge. Nice. 

Mr Leight Getty S sunglasses

The sunglass version of the Getty, the Mr Leight Getty S is almost as much a modernist masterpiece as the Richard Meier-designed cultural centre it shares its name with. 

Mr Leight Stanley S

The Stanley S frames from Mr Leight are refined yet adventurous round frame sunglasses. Just be careful you don't slip into that pond, mate.

If a dose Mr Leight's refined perfection is what you're after, you can shop the full collection below. If you want to learn more about the brand, read about them in our Introduction to Mr Leight.