Back to the Futura: Garrett Leight's SS23 Collection is Here

Back to the Futura: Garrett Leight's SS23 Collection is Here

Coming direct from LA, the land of 3246 hours of annual sunshine, more than double that of our home town Manchester, Garrett Leight’s Spring/Summer collection is normally pumped full of lots of well-needed, sun-kissed positivity. This year it looks like they've jacked it up further still, deeming the SS23 collection as their interpretation of mid-21st century design, designing frames with an ‘optimistic eye on the future’.

The result is a collection of eyewear that combines future-proof thinking and time-honoured design. Some frames, like the OG Freddy P and the Hercules, are more subtle in their approach, taking more than a few hints from retro styles and reimagining them. Others, like the Lady Eckhart or the GL 3030, dive headfirst into the future, offering a neo-futuristic take on eyewear that still manages to come across as grounded and classy.

Take a first look at the lookbook from the collection below and shop the job lot right here. If you wanted to give any of the frames a try, you can book a styling appointment or eye test here and receive face-to-face advice from one of the expert Seen Team.

Garrett Leight Hercules glasses in Cyprus Fade colourway
These guys - that's the new Hercules frame shape btw - take pop art inspiration from a pair Andy Warhol used to wear
Garrett Leight Tia Jane glasses in Merlot colourway
On the more subtle side of the cateye scale, the Tia Jane are a masterclass in considered femininity
Garrett Leight's OG Freddy P sunglasses
If you thought this current crop of Freddy Ps was anything to write home about wait until you see this, the OG Freddy P (no, we don't know what the name references either)
Garrett Leight's new Rodriguez glasses
This is the Rodriguez, a classic frame style with some incredibly tasty details. Note the filigreed inner core and the bevelled step-down design. Yum.
Garrett Leight's GL 3030 sunglasses

Almost playfully futuristic, the GL 3030 sunglasses combine angular edges and rounded ends with some of Garrett's most cutting edge colourways.

Garrett Leight's Retro Biggie sunglasses
Putting together retro inspirations and chunky, fell-good acetate aesthetics is no 'biggie' for the Garrett Leight Retro Biggie sunglasses.

We hope you feel optimistically replenished and ready for the future and/or summer. If you want more information about any of the frames, either drop us a line at or book a styling appointment at Seen HQ and have one of the Seen Team talk you through our full range of spectacles and sunnies.