Garrett Leight Collection Spring Summer 19

Garrett Leight Collection Spring Summer 19

So the nights are dark, the mornings frosty and you’ve not touched a drop of the good stuff since NYE but, if you focus really, really hard, you may just be about able to smell that Spring is in the air. No? Ok fine, it’s still only February. We’ll let you off.

Regardless of the amount of vitamin D we may or may not be getting from the flaming ball in the sky, time stops for no man and neither does the Garrett Leight Spring/ Summer 19 collection, which, incidentally has landed at Seen.

Not ones to break with tradition, we’ve had a good look at the new stuff and have taken it up ourselves to tell you a bit about it and why you’re going to love it. And, after careful consideration, we’ve concluded that there’s pretty much only one thing you need to know about the new collection - It’s inspired by classic films of the 80’s! Gnarly!

First you get the money, then you get the power and only then do you get Michelle Pfeiffer

So do you see yourself as Ferris Bueller in a ‘borrowed’ Ferrari 250GT or are you more of a Marty McFly in a plutonium-loaded Delorean? Personally, I’d prefer to be Tony Montana. Cruising through Miami beach with the pink neon signs reflecting in the pristine rims of my Cadillac Eldorado. Though of course all that luxury came with the cost of the day-to-day stresses of being the head of a criminal empire, so I think I’ll stick to the glasses for now.

Speaking of which, Tony’s wife, the beautiful and sorrowful Elvira Hancock, was a clear inspiration for the new cat-eyed Mildred sunglasses. These unmistakable frames are a not only a homage to Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in the classic Scarface but are the perfect tribute to the bold and brave style of the 80’s. They are just crying out to be shown off whilst reclining in a poolside deck chair, sipping a Long Island Iced Tea as the sun sets behind the Hollywood hills.

garrett leight mildred sun

Marriage to Mob Boss not included*

Another larger than life pair from this collection are the Wavecrest sunglasses. Whether you’re a pink shirt and white pants clad Tom Cruise sliding into a Risky Business decision or Arnold Schwarzenegger bending the fabric of time in a biker’s stolen leather jacket, you’ll look the part in these shades. Sporting a prominent brow and powerful temple design, you could label them the Wayfarer’s sleeker big brother. The resemblance is obvious but the subtle changes are the difference between arriving at prom in a just a tuxedo and arriving in a stretch limo.

Garrett Leight Wavecrest

The Wavecrest, a reimagining of a classic

Inspired by yet another 80’s leading lady, the eye catchingly oversized Morningside sunglasses embody that American cool look of Lauren Hutton’s character in American Gigolo. This new design from Garrett Leight boasts ultra-chic rounded frames that are so shapely they make perfect circles jealous.

garrett leight morningside sun

Perfect selection of poolside specs

Another new entry in the Garrett Leight library are the Boccaccio. Sharing their name with the writer and poet of the Middle Ages though inspired by the style of the mid-20th century artist, Andy Warhol. These beautifully thick acetate frames will have you screen-printing your favourite icons in no time, and you’ll look the real deal whilst doing so. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that this is the S/S collection, they also come with UV protective lenses in the form of the Boccaccio Sun.

Garret Leight Boccaccio

In a deck chair, looking debonair 

If you’re curious about the rest of the new Garrett Leight Spring Summer collection 19, and let’s face it, you’ve made it this far - well done you - the collection is all laid out for you below. Enjoy.