Futuristic Eyewear From You Mawo

Futuristic Eyewear From You Mawo

Sometimes the thought of change can be an unnerving prospect. Wondering what the future will bring can really get under your grey matter and keep you up at night; will society manage to do a collective U-turn on the impending climate crisis? Can the Government ever manage to part ways with the EU? And will they ever make that long-promised next series of Rick & Morty?….. WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

Luckily, amongst all this mystery and confusion there is something we do know, a glimmer of information beaming to us from the future... We have it on very good authority that the latest brand to Seen, You Mawo is bringing us the future of eyewear - so that’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

Who are You Mawo?

German-based eyewear brand You Mawo are a new player to the eyewear game who are changing the way we think about eyewear design, so we're rather pleased to be a UK stockist. They only had their initial worldwide release at the Berlin trade show back in 2016 but have been winning awards for design and innovation ever since. 

You Mawo sunglassesYou Mawo or 'Your Magic World' was founded by 4 friends on a backpacking trip

Throw out everything you thought you knew about eyewear manufacturing; their sleek and simplistic designs aren’t made from acetate or crafted in traditional methods but are actually digitally designed and created using 3D laser printers! They’re made from a lightweight material called Polymid which is a perfect match for eyewear as it’s stable, flexible and biocompatible (which means it compatible and safe for skin contact, but you already knew that…). 

'You Mawo create a totally unique and individual frame that was literally made to fit your face'

This futuristic design process has allowed You Mawo to create glasses and sunglasses that have the best possible fit and their 3D printing technology has enabled them to create a scalable method of providing everyone with a totally unique and bespoke frame that is perfectly tailored to the individual. 

Bringing bespoke eyewear to Manchester

As you can imagine, all this chat about ‘innovative design’ and ‘the future of eyewear’ well and truly piqued our interest here at Seen and we couldn’t wait to try it out and bring some futuristic eyewear tech to our Manchester store

The process is pretty straightforward, swing by our Manchester HQ and we can take a 3D image of your face and create you a totally unique and individual frame that was literally made to fit your face. 

you mawo You Mawo want to create frames that are as individual as the wearer

Don’t panic if you don’t live nearby, we also have a selection of ready-to-buy frames on our site which can be customised in a selection of sumptuous colourways. Just check which colours the style you like comes in and drop us a line/message/tweet/fax/pigeon and we’ll be happy to arrange.

We’re really excited about You Mawo; their minimalistic approach to design combined with their innovative manufacturing methods have lead to a totally unique and different brand that really could be the future of eyewear...

Pretty exciting stuff I think you’ll agree - now where did I put my DeLoreon?