Pink Glasses & Sunglasses

Of all the colours that lenses can be - and believe us, there’s quite a few -  none have captured the collective imagination quite like pink. Since the mid 19th century, rose-tinted glass has been picked as a way of painting people as eternal optimists, even naively positive...

In 1843, in Godey's Lady's Book, Mary Davenant decided that she looked “at people with my own eyes, instead of through rose-coloured glasses.” Even earlier than that, in 1834, another Mary, Mary Boddington, was using the phrase a little more positively in her awkwardly titled, Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, and a Corner of Italy, saying, "what a delicious thing it is to be young, and to see everything through rose-coloured glasses."

While there’s no concrete scientific evidence to back up the positive effects of pink-tinged glass, we reckon there’s got to be some kernels of truth behind the old idiom. For starters, the splash of colour provided by pink-lensed shades won't do a dreary outfit any harm. More importantly, taking a look at the world from behind a pair of rosy tinted specs does a good job of warming those chilly tones. Anything's got to be better than grey, surely?

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