Jacques Marie Mage Jeff Sun

We don’t want to alarm you, but your lucky stars might have finally aligned. Your favourite artisan eyewear master, Jacques Marie Mage, has got together with non-other than the incessantly suave and inimitably charming Jeff Goldblum (yes, the Jeff Goldblum) for a collaboration that is dripping with style and sophistication.  

The frame - named Jeff, what else - is a refined rectangular shape, impeccably tailored and balanced, and it’s available as both an optical in JMM’s Noir colourway or as sunglasses in Shadow.

We have a history of Jeff worship. Read our blog post on Mr. Goldblum's eyewear wardrobe or the interview with artist Christian Taylor, who painted the Jeff Goldblum piece in our store. 

Like thick, acetate frames? We'd recommend taking a look at Jacques Marie Mage's Enzo too, another Goldblum-approved style.