Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage is based in Hollywood, California and was founded by French-born designer Jerome Mage. 

Influenced by everything from Art Deco to American folk, JMM’s limited edition collections of inspired spectacles are, as they put it, ‘tailored towards a clientele with discerning tastes’.

So what makes a Jacques Marie Mage frame special? Well, they're handcrafted in small batches in Japan, for starters. There are almost 300 steps to producing a pair of JMM frames and more than half of those are done by hand, the old-fashioned way, in the eyewear craft capital of the world, Sabae, Japan.

Jacques Marie Mage frames aren’t just well made. They use incredibly high-quality materials, like Japanese acetate, titanium, and even precious metals and stones for some of the detailing.

At the heart of every JMM frame there is a story. The timeless designs take inspiration from some of history’s lesser-known innovators, iconoclasts, and revolutionaries. Racing car driver Alberto Ascari inspired the rectangular Ascari sunglasses. Italian architect, Carlo Mollino inspired the Molino frames and his Teatro Regio Torino design inspired the Torino Sun. The imposing Enzo frames were inspired by none other than Mr. Enzo Ferrari, founder of the automobile brand that bears his family name.

All Jacques Marie Mage glasses and sunglasses are made in limited production batches of sometimes as low as 50 frames! They have the look and feel of a piece of fine craftwork which will surely become an heirloom you’ll cherish and pass on. 

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