Gradient Sunglasses

They may have started out as a practical solution, but designers have picked up the styling of gradient sunglasses and run with it. Far from just functional eyewear, some of the most sophisticated sunnies around these days feature a gradient lens.

If you've ever looked up and been dazzled by the sun, yet had to lift your sunglasses up to read that book or cocktail menu, you know the problem first hand. And that's why a gradual top-to-bottom fade was developed, to shade your eyes from damaging bright light above, yet allow enough light in for everyday activities – driving, reading, etc. below.

Eyewear aficionados soon realised however, that gradient sunglasses had a lot of fashion potential too. A classic tint in a smoky black or brown is subtle and sophisticated, like this pair of Garrett Leight Wilson Suns. But there's also the option of having a little fun with your look, by trying out a more colourful tint.

Whatever your choice, gradient sunglasses are a surefire way to keep your eyes safe, while at the same time stepping up your look.