Brown Lens Sunglasses

If you fancy some coloured lenses, but want something a little more subtle than a yellow, blue or green, then brown lens sunglasses just might be for you. 

One thing's for sure, you'll certainly be in stylish company. Brad Pitt has often been spotted in a pair of brown gradient aviators, while the brown lens cat-eye sunnies sported by Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise are an absolute classic.

Plus because these type of lenses contain an element of red, they help to enhance depth perception and improve contrast, particularly on sunny days. Having said that, they're also great in lower light levels, making them perfect for the transition from day to evening.

Brown lens sunglasses always go great with a gold frame in the aviator style, or woody/tortoiseshell frame, like the Garrett Leight Brooks Sun. For a modern look, the Garrett Leight Hampton Sun with a matte pink crystal frame is another good option.