Jacques Marie Mage Kyosho Series

The eyewear aces over at Jacques Marie Mage are back at it again with a sublime new eyewear collection. This time they’re paying homage to Japan’s masters of art or, as they say over there, “Kyosho” (巨匠).

This inaugural release of the series features two frames: the “Ichikawa” and the “Kobo”. Available as both an optical and sunglass frame, the Kobo is inspired by the writer of some of Japan’s strangest satire, Kōbō Abe. With an oblong lens shape and thick, curvilinear volume the frame has is hand-finished and it's size makes it a good fit for those of us with larger faces. 

A trapeze-shaped frame, the optical-only Ichikawa frames have a mid-century feel. Inspired by one of Japan’s foremost film directors, Kon Ichikawa, the frames are available in limited edition Dark Havana, Noir and Sand colourways. 

In typical JMM fashion, the frames are a tour de force in thoughtful design, careful craftsmanship, and condensing decades of cultural history into timeless eyewear collectables.