New Garrett Leight: FH21 Collection

New Garrett Leight: FH21 Collection

If you were on the lookout for a bit of a boost now that Autumnal breeze is starting to blow, we might have just the ticket. Long time Seen favourite and California-based eyewear protégé, Garrett Leight has just released a season-stopping new collection that is bound to give us more than a couple of hours of extra sunshine before the clocks go back. 

Stuffed with a stash of new eyeglasses and sunglasses as well as stone cold classics in new colours, Garrett’s drawn on his love of music to produce this collection, putting the star-making eyewear of pop music’s greatest hits centre stage.

Talking about the collection, Garrett said that after bumping into legendary bearded producer, Rick Rubin walking down LA’s Abbot Kinney, he stopped him and told him: “I have no idea who I would be today if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.”

Garrett’s a pretty big fan of music, you see. “Music is everything to me,” he explains. “Once in a generation musicians inspire me. Nothing moves me more than a song. A lyric. A sound. A rhythm. A performance.” 

For this collection, more than others, he’s really searched out iconic eyewear styles that have been worn by musicians of generations past, reimagining them as vintage-referencing contemporary pieces.

“This collection has more character than any GLCO collection before it because of music,” he says. “You could say I’m proud of this album and I’m confident you’ll find many songs you like.“

Well, we’ve had it on repeat and we’re pretty sure you’re going to as well. So without further ado, why don’t we get out the old stereo, and pop it on full blast? In other words, here it is. Take a look at the lookbook and shop the full collection below. 1... 2… 3… hit it!


Few pairs of specs are as well iconic as the Wayfarers Mr Bob Dylan wore in the 60s. Available as a sun and glasses style, the Troubadour pays homage to those very frames, giving the classic wayfarer silhouette a contemporary touch up with a water drop plaque and an oversized fit.

Garrett Leight Troubadour Women Glasses
Garrett Leight Troubadour Glasses men

Garrett Leight Troubadour Sunglasses


The Palladium is a classic retangular-shaped frame with the volume cranked all the way up to eleven. It features longer temple lengths which makes for a larger fit range and its thicker silhouette will sit higher on the face. Available as a sunglasses and glasses, it’s very much a statement-strutting piece.

Garrett Leight Palladium glasses

Garrett Leight Palladium


Taking queues from the P3 style, the Royce is a sunglasses and eyeglasses style that mixes angular and rounded lines for a distinctive construction that’s both eye-catching and wearable. A another new Garrett Leight classic in the making? Yup.

Garrett Leight Royce

Garrett Leight Royce


Bold yet soft, the Garrett Leight Regent glasses balances the two with a confident thick set square shape that’s soft at the edges.

 Garrett Leight Regent Glasses

Garrett Leight Regent Glasses


Another a contemporary take on a classic hit, the El Rey is a salute to Buddy Holly’s famed pair of slightly cat eyed specs. Brining a sprinkling of new attitude to the classic design with squared-off details and a sleeker temple construction, these glasses are a real doozy. 

Garrett Leight El Rey

Garrett Leight El Rey


Bookish but never boring, the Garrett Leight Wiltern frames are inspired by the bohemian attitude of the likes of Tom Petty and Curtis Mayfield. Another P3-inspired frame, the metal-framed Wiltern is given a bit of a modernist twist, built with a secured Windsor rim and packed out with unexpected detail. 

Garrett Leight Wiltern


A new iteration of one of Garrett Leight’s best selling Windsor-style frames the Grant’s size and construction has been improved and new details include rivets to secure the windsor rim and a more shallow silhouette for an improved fit. You can bag these as glasses and sunglasses. 

Garrett Leight Grant sunglasses

Garrett Leight Grant glasses


Available as glasses and sunglasses, the Garrett Leight Fonda’s wraps a bunch of classic bohemian references from the late ’60s and early ’70s into a pair of oversized and rounded frames. They’re far out yet grounded, man.

Garrett Leight Fonda Glasses

Garrett Leight Fonda sunglasses


An impressive pair of sunglasses, the Garrett Leight Mayan draws its inspiration from the geometric unisex frames favoured by 90s alt music legends. There’s statement temple pieces, a more shallow fit, and a super-lightweight construction. There’s also a choice of grunge and slick colours like the Teen Spirit/Semi-Flat Pacific colourway. 

Garrett Leight Mayan sunglasses women

Garrett Leight Mayan sunglasses men


A sharp-witted cateye frame, the Juvee frame is elegant and statement-making in all the right places and is available in three delicious colourways. 

Garrett Leight Juvee sunglasses


Like what you see? Yes, so do we. Shop the full collection online below and if you want to take a closer look, why not book a styling appointment at our Manchester opticians. You can do that right here.