If you’re a fan of fine designer eyewear brands then it’s reasonable to expect you’d quite like to know where those brands hail from, so in order to quench your thirst for knowledge and to get you better acquainted with the latest brand to land on the Seen site, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pass on some insider knowledge.

Here’s everything you need to know about our favourite German eyewear aficionados, MYKITA.


Based in Berlin, MYKITA are known world-wide for their skilfully hand-crafted frames and sunglasses. According to urban legend, the name MYKITA actually comes from the word ”Kita” which is an abbreviation of the German for Kindergarten, said to be because the company's first premises used to be a Day Nursery. Clever huh?

Combining precision craftsmanship with new technologies.

The lovely folks at MYKITA haus boast a modern manufactory that combines precision craftsmanship with new technologies. Their innovative approach and visionary use of materials, when combined with truckloads of experience in designing eyewear, are defining elements which make their frames pretty damn special. 


Not content with having just the one collection, MYKITA also gave birth to the futuristic fusion of fashion and sport that is MYKITA MYLON.

Blurring the border between fashion and sports.

These State-of-the-art designs, when coupled with a material that boasts individual adjustability, low weight and extreme durability, make these specs both an outstanding sporting companion and a perfect everyday accessory. So whether you’re planning to scale a mountain, jump on a toboggan or just to saunter down to the laundrette, you’re set for everything.

Do you get the feeling we might be rather fond of this brand?

If you're still hungry for more, get your eyes round this rather lovely video of the MYKITA team in action and see for yourself how they tenderly handcraft their frames over at MYKITA haus.