Garrett Leight FH/18 Collection

Garrett Leight FH/18 Collection

Urghh. Long, long gone are those halcyon days of summer 2018. Remember those? The continuous heat, your glass permanently filled with sweet pink wine, your sunglasses permanently perched on your nose. People smiled then, they laughed. But now, urghh. It got cold. It got damp. It got grey.

October isn’t all doom and gloom, though, you know. Honestly, it’s not. See it’s around this time of year, as those grey clouds role in, that we’re treated to a little bit of Californian warmth on the side. No, the gulf stream isn’t playing up again, we’re talking about that other annual winter warming phenomenon: Garrett Leight’s Fall/Holiday '18 collection drop.

Yep, that’s right. It’s here, it’s landed, we have the literal frames on our literal shelves and good lordy are we glad to see them. It features returns of classics done up in classy new colourways. It features newbies that have classic potential too. In fact, we reckon just a flick through the whole collection is probably more nourishingly, autumnally warming than drinking a four pint pitcher of pumpkin-spiced latte in a thick-knit jumper. Shall we take a closer look? Let’s…

Garrett Leight Linden

Oval frames return in the shape of the Garrett Leight Linden

New Garrett Leight glasses

Like the Hampton and Clune frames, newbie frame, Robson takes its squashed-circle pointers from the P3 frame shape. Unlike its predecessors, though, the Robson has ditched the acetate for something a little slimmer - stainless steel. A good fit for both guys and gals, the frame features a distinctive softly angled top. Is it worthy of joining the ranks of that other of Garrett’s classic wired wonders, the Wilson? Oh yeah it is.

Garrett Leight Robson

The Garrett Leight Robson is another wire frame masterpiece

Scrapping angles altogether, the Playa is a larger than life round frame primed and ready to run circles around your winter blues. The optical version of the Playa sunglasses, these bad boys will let you bring that sunny disposition of yours indoors. But, if an oval approach is more your thing, why not take a look at the Linden.

Garrett Leight - Playa eyeglasses

The Garrett Leight Playa are about as round as circles go

On the acetate optical side of things, Garrett Leight hasn’t disappointed either. The Marco is a traditional, rectangle frame but it’s anything but boring. Slimmer framed than a lot of acetates, you can pick it up in a load of super tasty timeless colourways, e.g. Black Amber,  Champagne, and Matte Espresso. Grand.

Garrett Leight - Marco

The traditional Marco is anything but dull

New Garrett Leight sunglasses

Hey, just because it’s cooler doesn’t mean you don’t need your shades. As well as some remixed classics, Garrett’s also added a load of new modernist, retro-inspired and oversized frames into the mix.

Garrett Leight Pier Sun and Horizon

The Horizon and Pier Sun aren't a bad match for the hazy winter sun 

The Horizon is yet another take on the P3 style but this time it’s been done out in a rounder, more modern silhouette. On the more angular side of the tracks, the Pier Sun is a square-inclined frame that you can pick up in some on-trend translucent colourways. And in case you missed it, take a closer look at that filigreed wire detailing round the inside of the acetate lenses on both of those two. Ooosh. That’s real nice, that.

Garrett Leight - Steiner Sun

The 90s influenced Steiner is a small colourful wire frame 

Hold tight 90s eyewear fans, there’s something in the bag for you too. The Steiner Sun is a smaller, wire frame available in some striking coloured lens and colourway combos. If you prefer your eyewear a little on the oversized side, the Crescent Sun frames are about as big as it gets while the Louella brings a nudge of cateye to a bigger build.

Garrett Leight Louella

Meowww... the Louella is oversized with a hint of cateye 

Some fresh takes on classics

And get a load of these new takes on some of Garrett’s classic frames. You probably already know the best selling Kinney, Hampton, and Clune frames. Well, they’ve been decked out in some slick new colourways and they’re looking about as fresh as ever.

Garrett leight Kinney Fall Holiday Colourways

The classic Kinney is available in yet more classy colourways

As well as the mightily on-trend Pink Crystal and organic Matte Black and Matte Classic Brown for its sun version, you can now grab the optical keyhole-bridged Kinney in Matte Grey Crystal and Matte True Demi. The P3-inspired Hampton has gained loads of well and truly nice-looking sun styles too, and everyone's fave, Clune, has gained two more timeless optical colourways, Black Laminate Crystal and Brandy Tortoise. Yippy!

Garrett Leight Clare V

Garrett Leight and Clare V are a designing match made in eyewear heaven

Also making a welcome return in some slightly more autumnal hues, is that superb collab Garrett Leight did with LA designer, Clare V. A feistily feminine cateye frame, you can now pick it up in a more muted Poppy, Sunflower, and Green colourways.

If you want to see even more of the latest Garrett Leight stuff - and let’s face it, yes you do - have a scroll below. If the floors and shelves of real life shops are more up your street, then why not hunt out our Seen HQ. Here’s how to find us.