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Eyewear Icons: Brad Pitt

Have you ever found yourself muttering the words ‘I'm a mere mortal, there’s no way I could ever dream of looking like the Trojan war hero ‘Achilles’ portrayed by Brad Pitt in the 2004 film ‘Troy’’?.. Well, if you have, here at Seen HQ we’re gonna let you into some closely guarded, industry secrets that will help you well on your way to becoming the chiseled, gleaming, mythological greek god you have always dreamed of becoming.. Well.. to the extent of divulging information about Brad Pitt’s choice in eyewear at least (not ‘Troy’ Brad I’m afraid, sunglasses weren’t around in 3000BC.)

Brad Pitt, who is he? You should know the answer to that already! But if you must know, William Bradley Pitt was born on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, making him 57. (Fifty. Seven. That’s five, seven, seriously — the same age as Boris Johnson.) Early on in his career he earned his crust by driving strippers in limos, moving fridges and dressing up as a giant chicken - but if none of these are ringing any bells, you may know him from such films as ‘Fight Club’, ‘12 Monkeys’ or even an Oscar winning performance in the Tarantino hit, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some signature, spectacled Pitt looks from over the years in order to glean just how he does it. For some reason Brad doesn’t have an official Instagram. Perhaps he’s insecure of his looks or something - either way we’re going to have to take a dangerous deep dive into the murky territory that is ‘unofficial Brad Pitt accounts.’ Yes, these accounts are most likely run by someone that lives in a basement, but we can confirm that they are in fact pictures of Brad himself (believe us we’ve seen at least five of his movies.) To make up for the lack of authenticity we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pair each potent vibe with a classic Pitt movie ‘quote’ given just a little bit of an eyewear twist...



As well as the Aviator (the glasses shape, not the film, that’s someone else), it doesn’t get more iconic than the Wayfarer style. Brad, seen here pictured with a fan, is sporting a pair of Garrett Leight Calabar in Champagne, a Wayfarer-style silhouette with temples inspired by 50s car fins.

A delightfully chunky sunglass frame with a vintage feel, it looks like Garrett Leight have yet again walked the line between retro-references and timeless vibes masterfully. Shop our full selection of Garrett Leight Calabar.



As part of that near-internet-breaking cover shoot he did for GQ back in 2019, Brad picked out more than a couple of Jacques Marie Mage's Taos sunglasses, including this pair here in the ‘Army’ colourway.

Inspired by one of Brad's predecessors, Dennis Hopper, the Taos is an oversized style that, thanks to those famed JMM's luxurious details, can dress up even the baggiest of sleeve-less shirts.

We've recently sold out of the Taos in Army, but you can still bag the frame style in Dark Havana, Noir 5, and Glass.  



To finish, here’s Brad hunkin’ out on a hog, again for 2019's GQ cover shoot but this time effortlessly pulling off a pair of vintage Aviators in combination with quite the spectacular wooly jumper. 

The pair in question aren't actually Jacques Marie Mage's Buckley Sun in Noir, but we reckon that they'd more than do the trick. Taking cues in 
exquisite flair from the legendary tailoring of Savile Row, the '80s-inspired frames are made by expert craftsmen in Japan and feature jewellery-like embellishments on the temples. Nice.

Take a closer look at the Jacques Marie Mage Buckley Sun

Brad Pitt, we salute you

So there you have it, a selection of photos of Brad Pitt in some of the world's greatest eyewear. They say you can’t polish a Brad Pitt, they’re wrong! Put him in the right pair of frames and he only shines brighter.

We're happy that the Oklahoman Adonis has picked out some of our favourite frames and frame styles when he's out in the wild. If you want to be a bit more Brad and try out any of the frames mentioned here, or any of the frames from site, book an appointment at our store using this handy form. For those of you that prefer the digital world, go forth and browse our digital aisles...