Smoldering Goldies

Historically gold has had a weird, beguiling effect on us humans. We've been known to risk everything following its allure into the depths of the jungle on fateful trips hunting out the fabled city of El Dorado. It created other cities near enough overnight in the American Wild West, as people rushed across empty plains to find their fortune digging it up. So it’s not really surprising that today gold-style finishes and real gold detailing are still finding their way onto some of the most enticing luxury glasses and sunglasses. Gold still looks very nice indeed.

This is Smoldering Goldies, a curated collection of matte gold, pink gold, and brushed gold sunglasses and glasses. We’ve collected them all and stashed ‘em away right here, in our not-so-secure safe. Lucky for you, we’re trusting enough with the key to lend it to pretty much anyone that fancies having a gander. Feel free to take a look around, even have a touch if you like. We’ll be back in five. You’re definitely not the sort to do a runner with anything... are you?