Matte Glasses & Sunglasses

Matte glasses have some serious competition on their hands when it comes to a choice of frame styles. Clear, tortoiseshell and glossy acetates all fight for a place on our brow, promising 'pop', demanding to be seen.  

But the truth is, the elegant simplicity of a matte frame doesn't cry out for attention because it doesn't have to. Cool, calm and collected, matte glasses project an air of sophistication their shiny cousins can only dream of.

From the thick rectangular frames sported by Michael Caine in the '60s, to today's popular geek chic look, matte black glasses are a timeless classic. But that's not the only option out there; those with lighter hair colours may be better suited to an espresso or pinewood shade, while a matte gold finish is great if you have green eyes.

Whatever your choice, you'll rest easy; the subtle styling of matte glasses or sunglasses sets you apart from the crowd with a refined, confident look to suit any occasion.