DITA Grand-APX Sun

DITA’s ‘Grand-APX’ is designed to be full of juxtaposing elements, a truly thought-provoking frame. ‘Grand-APX’ is an oversized character frame, which is a design pillar in DITA’s DNA. A frame that was inspired by the opposing thoughts of gentle yet strong, rigid yet soft and excessive yet paired with a minimalistic design. Bold hardware and fasteners decorate the frame to exemplify strength while sculpted multi-piece hinges showcase the opposing gentle side of the design. Horizontal wirecore can be seen beneath the surface from the top and bottom highlighting the rigidity that is covered by a softness. The three-piece hinge with enamel inlay, is excessive while remaining minimal at first glance. ‘Grand-APX’ was designed with intentional details creating the effect of a powerful presence that truly stands alone.

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