No Need to Smile for this Photograph

No Need to Smile for this Photograph

What the inside of your eye looks like is probably not something you tend to give much thought. On a scale of things to do with your face, it's probably pretty far down the list. Just below the colour of your nose hair or the shape of your earlobes.

What is there to even think about? It's red, it's watery, there are a few vein type things floating around in there, but that's about it, right? Well, there's actually a lot more to it than that. It's still got all that red watery stuff going on, but there's other, more important stuff happening as well.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, optometrists are now able to look at that important stuff by taking a retinal or Fundus photograph, aka a picture of the back of your eye.

Retinal photography, in our opinion, is an absolute must during a routine eye examination. It is a camera that captures a detailed image of the inside of the human eye and allows us to make sure your eye is in tip-top health.

The area of the retina that's captured is the central section and it's where all the magic happens. The optic nerve head's there, the central retinal artery and vein are in the mix, even the macula area and fovea are packed in, so it's pretty busy in there. It's basically the bit that translates the optical images we see into impulses that our brain understands, so it's crucial that we get a good look at it. The image we take is really useful for comparison, so we hang on to it for future checks, just to make sure nothing's changed and everything's as it should be.

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The photograph can be used to indicate things such as glaucoma and diabetes plus other problems and diseases early on, so it's definitely worth having. All this is possible with the use of a retinal camera which we use here at Seen on every client.

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Best of all, the photograph is instant, easy and painless, plus you don’t even have to smile for it!